I don’t know if I should start this post as an open letter to your dick.

I almost feel like writing:

Dear guy’s penis, you have it all wrong.

I can’t begin to tell you how many guys seduce with their dicks instead of their hearts and their minds.

First off, let’s go through a little human anatomy lesson right now.

Women don’t have penises.

Yes, the clitoris has been called the little penis, the man in the boat, other things, but women are not full of testosterone. Women don’t have penises, and women don’t release like a men releases.

That’s about all I’m going to get into for the human anatomy lesson. If you don’t know the difference between the two sexes by now, I strongly suggest you go to a different blog post.

Let’s talk about seducing her.

Her, whoever she might be.

Let’s describe a beautiful woman.

She’s 5’6″. She’s about 120 pounds. She’s got long flowing blonde or brunette hair. Her breasts are large enough and perky enough for you to notice. As she walks you see the shape of her ass, the roundness of it. The little dimples from each side.

You check out her waist, how little it is, and you imagine what it would be like to wrap your hands around her waist as she slowly grinds on top of you, calling out your name in ecstasy.

Admit it right now.

Your dick started thinking that would be fun.

Your dick started thinking yeah, we want that.

Seduction doesn’t start with her groin.

Seduction starts with her mind, and her heart.

As a man you need to seduce her with your heart and your mind more than with your dick.

When you connect with her, you need to connect with her on a level that’s getting into her heart and her mind. Because when she feels safe and secure, she gets turned on. She wants to be with you because she knows she’s in the presence of a man who understands what a woman truly desires.disgusted_girl

Too many guys don’t get it. They go out. They’re thinking about how they want to have sex or how they want to get her into bed.

They’re thinking so much with their penis on a date that they’re not even present to what women relate to and what women desire.

Women truly desire incredible, heart felt, soulful connection.

It’s what turns them on the most, what makes them feel things they’ve never felt before. It’s what makes them want to give you what you want the most.


So when you start seducing her, realize that her emotions need to open up before anything else opens up.

You need to open her mind before you are going to open her legs.

When you open her legs first, her mind is not there yet. You may get lucky. You may get laid. But you will be just like every other guy who has seduced her in her life.

You want to be able to seduce her incredibly beautiful mind.

When you seduce her incredibly beautiful mind, she’s going to give herself to you like she has never given herself to another man before. You are going to be that unique man. That man who understands what seduction is all about.

Seduction starts in her heart, and in her mind, and in her soul. So lay off the sexual innuendos.

That’s why I tell guys at the end of the first date, give her a couple of little kisses on the lips, and a nice big hug. Let her feel safe. Let her feel secure.

The sex will come.

You will find her talking about sex. You will see her starting to open up about sex.

She will do that as she starts to feel safe and secure with you, because she knows you are connecting to her heart, connecting to her mind, connecting to her soul.

You are not going after her like every other guy is. You are playing it easy, playing it real laid back, and you are confident.

It’s such a turn on for her.