Now, before you read this blog, let me be clear, I know men are guilty of this so I’m not pointing fingers!

In fact, I give men exactly the same advice about this. So, now that’s out the way I’ll “say” what’s on my mind!

When you’re out with a man, connect with HIM and leave your friends and the iPhone behind. I was dating this woman a while back. She was wonderful, and we got on great. But hanging out with her was like being with a 14 year old teenager. Why?

Because wherever we were, her iPhone would constantly be bleeping with texts and Facebook messages.

No matter where we went on a date, it was her, her iPhone, her friends, and me. It was as if they were a bunch of teenagers. Every few minutes a new message would come through from a friend, giving an update about where they were and what they were doing. I’d have to listen to the sound of messages coming in left right and center from the moment we met, to the minute we got home.

Did it annoy me?

It drove me nuts!

Did it break moments?


I told her about how this behavior was making me feel, and what did she do? Like Pavlov’s dog, every time her iPhone bleeped, her hand would grab for the phone, and there she’d be texting away like a teenager.

No matter what I said, she just kept going. “What does it matter if I answer a few texts from friends when I’m with you? They’re just letting me know what they’re up to.” She’d say.

This isn’t how it should be. When you’re with someone, you’re with someone. You should be connecting with them. You should be hanging out with them. You should be concentrating on them. Before the invention of the cellphone, before the invention of the text message, when you were with a guy, you were concentrating on each other.

There were no distractions, and nothing to break the connection between you.

You were actually taking the time to get to know each other. You’d speak to your friends when you got home. You’d get all your updates the day after when you were home alone. Now everyone’s so busy texting, tweeting, and sending Facebook messages to each other we’ve forgotten how to enjoy the moment together. I see people doing it all the time. They’ll be chatting in the street, but instead of focusing on each other, every now and then they’ll glance down at their phone. It’s as if we can’t go two minutes without looking at the darn iPhone.

If you’re on a date, keep your phone in your pocket and don’t take it out until you go home. Even better, don’t take it with you!

Concentrate on connecting with the man your with. Get to know him. Listen to what he’s saying. How else are you ever going to know if you have any chemistry?

Trust me, I don’t want to date a woman who behaves like a 14 year old, and neither does most decent, mature men!