Stop trying to think about sexual escalation all of the time!

Do you know how to turn a woman on?

You turn her on by the way you walk, by the way you talk, and by the way you listen to her. You turn her on in the way that you are animated.

Every guy has one successful approach and then they think, oh man, next time I want to be able to escalate sexually. How do I do that?

It’s so ridiculous. You can’t do it! You’re not there yet. If you understood the true nature of sexuality, you would know that the way to really turn a woman on is through her mind.

When I first started doing this, there was no way in the world that I would touch women I don’t know like I do now. I was terrified – if I even got close to a woman I was freaked out.

You have to stop thinking about that sexual escalation – all you have to do is connect to her, talk to her, get her phone number – and you’ll have sex! You really will.

Women will start sleeping with you much more than you ever imagined – because you’re one of the few guys that has ever really listened.

So, you want to escalate? Find an escalator!

Client: So you’re saying that if you take the sex out of the equation, the sex will come?

David: Yeah. I never think about sex, ever. I even tell the guys that work for me that I could care less if I ever get laid again. And then they ask me what I did the night before, and I tell them, “well I just hung out with that girl and we had sex.” I just don’t think about it.

For women, sex starts in the mind. They don’t have a dick that gets hard every time the wind blows. They don’t get hard looking at pictures. They don’t think, “oh wow, a naked guy!” Pictures alone don’t turn them on.

They do get turned on by your mind and by your presence. Your confidence turns them on. That’s what it takes – confidence. It’s the way you walk, it’s the way you talk, and it’s the way you move.

If you approach a woman and touch her randomly just to “escalate,” she’s going to look at you like you’re a fucking creep. If you’re all nervous and your hands are shaking towards her, she’s going to think, oh my god, a human vibrator!

You just can’t think that way. I see guys doing this all the time. It’s like a robot – you can see the exact awkward point where they decide to escalate sexually. They think, okay, we’ve been talking for 30 seconds, now I’m going to go touch her to escalate sexually.

And these men are so stiff and uncomfortable. How does that turn her on?