Let’s get real for a second.

You’re reading this post right now because you want to meet a great man.

All right, we’ve figured that much out.

You’re also reading this post right now because you need advice on how to find a great man.

Great, check, we’ve got that covered.

You’re also reading this post right now because you overanalyze the hell out of just about everything you do when it comes to dating.

Whenever you’re dating a new man, you wonder exactly why things are starting go wrong.

So, let’s talk about what to do.

Stop Overanalyzing and Take a Chance

I have an idea.

How about rolling the dice the next time you meet somebody great? Take a chance.

Why don’t you just hang out with that person? That’s right.

Instead of torturing them with endless texts and phone calls that don’t go anywhere, why don’t you just make plans to see them as quickly as possible? Do something. Actually be spontaneous. I know, in today’s scheduled world, we’re never very spontaneous anymore. We always have to correspond with Siri to see if we are free that night.

Maybe you’ve read somewhere from some person who claims to be a dating expert that you should play hard-to-get. This person who gave you dating advice probably lives in a hole by their self, with their friend mouse and the rat.

She’s Alice in Non-Wonderland.

So you’ve read somewhere that she says you need to play hard-to-get. That way, the man’s going to want you more.

But let me tell you something, being the alpha guy that I am with my alpha friends that I hang with, not one of us likes when a woman plays hard-to-get. The second she tries to, we feel like we’re dating somebody who is still mentally living in the tenth grade.

She sees us walking down the hallway, and she hides behind her locker because she wants to play evasive for the day.

stop overanalyzing datingThink about this: your locker is your iPhone. You’re hiding behind it, and you’re playing evasive to a guy that just doesn’t want to put up with that crap anymore.

I know when a woman plays hard-to-get, well, guess what I’m doing and guess what all my alpha male friends are doing?

We’re using the four-letter word.

And do you know that four-letter word is?

N E X T.

That’s right, that spells next.

Men Want Spontaneous Women

We want to roll with the woman who wants to hang and do things and get to know one another. We want to roll with a woman who equally likes us like we like them and isn’t hiding behind her endless insecurities, texting.

We want the woman who wants to go away for the weekend.

We want the woman who wants to go and hang on a Friday, and then see us again on a Sunday, and then see us again on a Tuesday because we’re enjoying each other’s company so much. Just like we did before we had all these endless insecurities and all this endless baggage.

It’s ridiculous. Everyday I get emails from women wondering what went wrong.

You know what went wrong?

You weren’t spontaneous. You tortured the guy with your endless insecurities. You played games. You didn’t need to see him. Do you know what happens after a month of dating where you saw each other only two times? Are you wondering what went wrong?

Well, there was nothing that went right.

Let Go of the Insecurities

I think it’s time you all stopped torturing each other with your endless insecurities and overanalyzing.

The next time you meet a man, here’s some great advice for you: stop reading every single article on the Internet.

Stop looking at these dating experts as experts, when the majority of them, aren’t experts at all.

The only thing they’re an expert at is writing things that torture your mind nonstop.

Nobody’s really better than me at giving advice because I give you straightforward advice that will actually help you find love. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. There, there’s a shameless plug. You’re safe with me. I swear, you’re safe, you’re going to be fine.

So, the next time you meet a great alpha guy, I want you to go with the flow. I want you to see him. If he asks you to go away with him somewhere, then you know what? Go away with him. Go get naked; go play and have fun. And see what happens.

If you want an alpha guy, you need to roll with the alpha guy. You need to be spontaneous. You want a beta guy? Well sure, you can go and torture each other with insecurities, endless texts, and not see each other, and wonder what went wrong. Because both of you were so nervous and neurotic, you were so afraid to be open and vulnerable and playful and fun, and neither one of you were able to establish a connection further than that.