How Many Women Have You Slept With?Do you keep a count of how many women you’ve had sex with over the years?

Do you tell all your friends about each new notch on your bedpost?

Do you feel like you’re a bigger and better man because you’ve had lots of lovers?

For years I’ve been saying the world is becoming obsessed with numbers. And the Internet is making the situation even worse. Now your popularity and status is measured by how many “friends” you have on Facebook, or how many Twitter followers you have. Suddenly we all want thousands of random people around the world to “like” us, so we feel better about ourselves.

If you use online dating sites, I bet you obsess about the number of people who view your profile each day, or how many people send you messages, instead of worrying about the quality of each interaction you have. 

Life is turning into a competition where only those with the highest numbers succeed. But funny enough, when it comes to relationships, the more people you’ve slept with, the less people think of you in most cases.

Think about this hypothetical situation. Jake meets Samantha. They’re attracted to each other. Samantha has only had 4 sexual partners, where Jake has had 38. During one of their first dates, Samantha asks Jake how many women he’d had sex with.

Jake’s quite a confident guy, and extremely proud of his sexual record, so he proudly tells Samantha “I’ve had 38 lovers.”

When Samantha hears this, she goes nuts. “He’s had so many lovers. It’s disgusting. What about disease? What if he wants to keep sleeping around?”

Within seconds of Jakes “bombshell” Samantha decides she’s no longer attracted to Jake, and calls their dating off. This is crazy!

It shouldn’t matter how many lovers someone has before you, and I know some men that freak out when they hear a woman has been with a lot of guys too, so I’m not pointing the finger at women only here!

All you should be interested in is what they’ve learned about themselves from their past sexual encounters.

I don’t care if a woman has had two hundred lovers. I don’t think of her as a slut. I think of her as someone who’s been free with her body. Maybe she’s had an emotional need which hasn’t been met, and that’s why she’s had so many lovers.

So, what about the guy who tells all his friends how cool he is because of the amount of lovers he’s had? Well, he needs to grow up, and stop validating to himself he can “get” girls. It’s a sign he has low self-esteem and needs to make himself feel better by bragging.

How about we start a website for these guys called, “” where people can post each time they have sex with someone. That way they don’t need to brag. They can just send someone to their “MyBedpost” page so they could see and “Like” all your lovers!

Honestly guys, it’s immature and women hate men who brag about lovers. When I was in my twenties I used to count lovers, but I was young and needed to boost my ego. Once I “grew up”, I realized how stupid bragging makes you look, and stopped counting. It’s about time YOU did the same!