A week after Halloween, are you still wearing your mask? The mask of fear and anxiety you wear every day?

I recorded this video at a recent NYC bootcamp, and I ran through exercises with them that taught them how to put on a different mask…

…the mask of authenticity. The mask of fearlessness. The mask of being unique and memorable.

So… which mask are you still wearing? Watch this video and learn how to STOP wearing that mask and START being the confident, authentic man you want to be.

In this video, you’ll learn:

  • The mask of fear that you wear — what it is & why you wear it every day of your life
  • Not only how to be yourself 24/7, but the #1 reason WHY being yourself is the only option
  • How to spot the “masks” that everyone else is wearing
  • How your mask & your fear impacts your sex life
  • How you actually have a choice which mask you wear — and you can CHOOSE to not wear it
  • How your fears are rooted in your programming & embedded language
  • My exclusive exercise — which I run through with the guys at the bootcamp — for being authentic, confident, fearless, and unique

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