What is Social Proof?What is social proof?

Social proof is being able to walk into a room and do what?

Command the attention of others.

It seems like we’re always trying to find social proof. There are some guys who’ll make a big thing of walking into a bar with two women. Even though most the time these women are just his friends, it creates social proof that “women like me”.

We try to create social proof on Facebook by putting up pictures of ourselves with women.

When we go to a business meeting we always seem to shake the hand of the powerful person in the room. Why? Because it suggests we’re somehow connected to them which creates… you guessed it…social proof.

Social proof is all about inner confidence and connecting with people.

I talked about this at length and in-depth in my Men’s Mastery Series program,  which is really “Life Lessons 101.”

When you go out into the world I think it’s important to realize you’re not going to conquer the world in one day. I have to remember it myself.

I remember what it was like for me. What it was like to be 17 and shy, 25 and shy, 43 and getting over a divorce not knowing what to do.

I recall all those things. I remember them.

And you know how I turned things around?

I realized I needed to build my social proof one block at a time.  Think of it like building a sky scraper.  Every single day I made sure I got to meet one person.  It didn’t matter whether it was a man, a woman, or a child.

I was going to gain social proof wherever I went.  A lot of you guys want the magic tool and the short cut.  You want the instant social proof. You just want to meet the hot girl.  You don’t want to do the building.

See, I don’t really approach women anymore. A lot of the time they approach me.  Yeah, sure, I’ll flirt with them if they’re already in my vicinity. It’s already something I do naturally.

With me my social proof exists because every day I go out and I’m friendly to everybody I meet. I have friends everywhere and when a woman sees me she sees me as somebody who is enjoying their life. Somebody who actually is loves life and has tons of energy.

Because if you look around most people aren’t full of life.  Most people walk around looking unhappy.  Spend today looking around at people.  Look at their energy, the way they smile, the way they hold themselves.

Ask yourself these questions…

Who would you rather be, the person that smiles or the person that walks around with a frown on their face? Who would you rather look at and approach, the person who smiles or the person with a frown on their face?

Social proof is one person at a time.  Be present with everybody you speak to. You will learn to attract women, and you won’t have to chase them anymore.

Remember it’s one person at a time.  Build your life day by day, minute by minute.  By doing that you are going to become that strong, powerful man you always wanted to be.  And I don’t care how old you are, 17, 45, 58, you have to start somewhere.