We are hitting new records, its seems that we can not kill the friend to boyfriend post. 372 comments and still going strong.

So now lets turn the tide and talk about the opposite sex.

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So what do you do if she has a boyfriend?

You walk over to her and you’ve been talking and you think you’re doing great. You say, “hey, I’d love to get together with you; let’s grab a cup of coffee,” and she says, “well, I have a boyfriend.”

At this point, most guys tuck their tails between their legs and run away. This makes you the asshole that ran away as soon as someone mentioned the word “boyfriend.”

Here is what you should do instead: say something like, “oh man, what a lucky guy.” This plants a seed in her head, where she thinks, what a lucky guy? He’d better think he’s lucky to have me!

Then she goes home that afternoon and gets into a fight with her boyfriend and she’ll be able to say, “do you realize how lucky you are going out with me?” You’ve planted that seed.

Another one of my favorite responses to the “I have a boyfriend” is this: “oh man, I hope he treats you well,” or “I hope he appreciates you.” This also gets her thinking, oh man, this guy doesn’t really appreciate me! I’ve been fighting with him for the last few weeks!

This opens up a potential conversation down the road. Two minutes later she will be telling you about the boyfriend that doesn’t appreciate her.

You have to say all of these things from your heart, or they will sound fake.

Another thing you can say is, “just my luck, this is ridiculous. I was so ready to start dating again. I just processed my last relationship and I’ve spent a lot of time working on myself. I have to tell you, I’m super picky, and the last few women that I’ve hit it off with…” – which tells her that you’ve hit it off with her and that you’re very instinctual – “have all seemed to have had boyfriends! Do you have a twin or anything? A friend just like you?”

I’ve been set up like that with a friend that was pretty damn hot. You’re also networking for a date, which a lot of guys try to avoid. You want to network for the date because this will allow you to go out and meet some more interesting people.

And remember the 50% rule: 50% of the people that you meet today that are in a relationship will be single in a year.

Do you want to be the guy that complimented her with confidence and dignity? And then when you run into her again someday and ask, “so how’s that boyfriend treating you?” guess who is going to get the phone call? You. She will remember that good spirit and great energy every single time.

So the next time she says that she has a boyfriend, you have to think about what your answer is going to be instead of running away from her like the bratty kid who didn’t get his toy.

It’s about the dividend. It’s like investing in real estate. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all buy real estate today and sell it tomorrow for a profit? Right. There is nothing in life that you do today that is going to pay you a dividend tomorrow.

Anything that you invest in now is going to have its great payoff in the future. This is just one of the future benefits.

And I am enjoying the future benefits now. My girlfriend when we met had a boyfriend and now she is with me. We were friends, she broke up and we reconnected a year later.

Thats why you just kick back and be yourself with no expectations.

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