The other day, I got a great e-mail from a lady named Margo.

The e-mail well, kind of distressed me a little bit, because I see this e-mail hundred of times a week.

And, before you get all angry at me because I’m calling you women out —

Men make the same mistakes over and over again when it comes down to dating.

But women make this huge mistake. This one mistake over and over and over again.

They don’t learn from their past mistakes and they sleep with men too quickly.

I am going to be blunt right now.

No matter how magical you think your vagina is, it’s not as magical as you think it is. There’s no spell that’s going to be cast on a man that’s going to keep him in a relationship, no matter how great the sex is.

No matter how great you dirty talk.

No matter how loud you moan.

No matter how loud you scream during orgasmic frenzy.

If you make the mistake of sleeping with a man who is not emotionally your equal, he is going to run and hide and leave you after he gets your so called magical vagina.

I didn’t say that to insult you. I need to say this to be 100% up-front with you to wake you up.

Let’s get into the e-mail from Margo right now.

You’re going to see some major mistakes that she makes and she doesn’t ever learn from them.

I’m also going to challenge any of you reading this right now.

Book a coaching session with me.


Because I will eliminate all the mistakes that you’ve been making so you can finally find the love that you want based on a new story we’re going to go create and write together.

Anyway, let’s talk about this e-mail.

“Hi David, not sure if this e-mail goes into a black hole or not.

If not, I’ve had two dates with a guy this week. Date three is Saturday.

This past year, I’ve been dumped three times. One, married guy who won’t divorce his wife.

Two, single guy who said I was rushing into a relationship with him.

Three, my long lost love that’s telling me he’s not in love with me, but he’s okay with having sex, as long as it’s convenient.

So I met with a guy this week.

There’s nothing wrong with him as far as I can tell. We ended up having sex on date two.

I want to feel a warming passion and sensuality, like I did with the other three.

But I find myself reluctant to let myself fall.

IDK if you have advice on that.

I know, love like I’ve never been hurt, but after a few times, it gets harder, or maybe it just means he’s not the one. What’s your thought?


Wow, red flags. Let’s wave them right now.

Forget about the checkered flag, because the checkered flag is you sleeping with this guy on date number three and him ghosting you before you even hit date number five. That’s my prediction.

You got dumped three times.

#1, well, let’s go for the obvious one.

A married guy who won’t divorce his wife. Why would you date a married guy in the first place?

Married guys usually don’t divorce their wives because of that term, married.

They’re looking for something on the side. You became something easy on the side.

Was their hot passion with it? Absolutely. There’s nothing more exciting than having sex with someone you truly can’t have, thinking that you can turn this magical sex into a relationship. We’re not going to go any further into that.

If you’re dating married men and you’re a single woman, you need to call me and send me an e-mail immediately and I need to straighten you out. As a matter of fact, have him pay for the monthly coaching. I’m being 100% serious.

Let’s go through number two.

“Single guy who said I was rushing into a relationship with him.”

Oh, there’s a lesson you obviously did not learn, because here you are, having sex on date number two with a man you’re seeing right now and you want to feel a warming passion with him, like the other. You also have been hurt a few times, but you really want to a relationship and you state that you find yourself reluctant to fall.

So you didn’t listen to the other guy, who said you were rushing into a relationship with him because you’re doing it EXACTLY the same again with this guy, as well.

Sleeping with him too quickly, trying hard not to fall, which tells me that you already are falling for a guy that you barely know. You literally went out with him on date number one.

And not to be judgmental, but the fact is you don’t know this man at all. You have no idea what he’s about, you have no idea who he is, or what he’s feeling, or anything else.

And now, number three.

Your long lost love? Well, guess what? A long lost love is lost for a reason. It meant, never go back.

There’s some advice. You’re rushing things. You’re sleeping with men too quickly and most importantly, you’re not learning your lessons from the past.

So you’re constantly repeating the same mistakes.

It really is that simple. We need to look at the past in order to learn from the lessons in the past and do things different. If you continue to do the same thing over and over again, that is the definition of insanity.

That’s why so many daters are insane individuals.