You’re dating somebody new and you’re really starting to like her.

get into her heartThere are certain things you can do to make sure she starts to see you as boyfriend material and not just as casual dating material, or even worse, someone she eventually runs away from.

Here are six things that you can do to get into her heart and guarantee her looking at you as boyfriend material:

1. Good manners

Years ago I did an audio program called Girls Tell All, which I still sell on the website.

Every woman was in complete harmony, and one of the girls said this:

Whenever I see a guy for the very, very first time, I like to give him the waiter test or the waitress test.

How he treats waiters and waitresses is how he treats everybody. Is he kind, is he compassionate, is he nice, does he flirt with them, is he over the top, is he aware of their situation, is he patient when they’re slow, is he respectful as a customer, and how does he tip?

The waiter technique is something that most woman use to judge and see whether or not you’re a man with manners or a man who has dismanners.

2. Puppy dog love

A lot of women come with animals. Cats, dogs, snakes, it all depends on where you live.

When you meet a woman’s significant animal partner, or fur partner, how you treat that animal and how you relate to that animal is how she’s going to see you in so many different ways.

You see, that’s her fur child. And the way you talk to the fur child is the way that she will imagine you’ll talk to a child.

It’s the way she’ll imagine that you will relate to so many things. So I strongly suggest you start loving dogs and cats, (hope you already do), get down on those hands and knees and start playing with that dog and cat and really bond with them. Because the way to her heart is through her fur child.

3. She-talk

Women speak so differently than men. There’s he-talk and there’s she-talk. Now when it comes down to she-talk, well, when she talks, she wants you to actually listen to all the things that she has to say.

So the way you listen is the way you’re going to get to her heart. If you’re just saying cool and not really taking a conversation any deeper, she’s pretty much going to tune you out because you’re tuning her out.

4. Text, text, text

Imagine her at the other end of the phone talking to you. That’s what text conversations are. They are full blown conversations with somebody on the other end. So when she has something to share about her day, she wants you not to react with a four letter word, like “cool,” or a three letter word like “wow.” She wants you to actually ask her a question that goes deeper.

Short little bursts of conversations are what women crave throughout the day. So when a woman is texting, I strongly suggest you give her a few minutes to have a little short burst of conversation. It’s what she needs, it’s what she’s craving, and she wants to meet a guy that can actually turn on a conversation.

5. The friend test

How you treat your friends is how she’s looking to be treated by you.

How you think about your friends, all this stuff weighs really big in her mind. She’s constantly evaluating and listening to you and how you speak about everybody in your life. So speak highly of your friends.

6. Power of positive thinking

Good morning!

Hope you’re having an amazing day.

Happy Monday.

Happy Wednesday.

Happy Sunday.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of texts I get from women on online dating apps that start off that way on the day of the week.

No matter what somebody is about in their lives, they really only want to let new people in that are positive. Positive people are who people want to be around. So when you’re speaking or texting or saying things, taking a positive spin on life is far greater than being negative.

Anyway, just some quick tips on how to wow the new woman that you’re dating and really get into her heart!