Have you ever met a woman who just intoxicated you?

She was so beautiful to look at. You almost couldn’t believe that little old you were actually hooking up with a hot one like this. It actually blew your mind.

You couldn’t believe that you could get a girl this hot to be your girlfriend.

Sure, there were some warning signs. There were moments that didn’t end well. Things that didn’t equate to being exactly how you thought things should be. But there was no way in the world you were going to give up on this beauty.

She was the hottest girl you ever dated.

Your friends would high-five you. You know how as a male, how nice that validation feels. You desire that validation. Why is it that when men speak about a woman, we never talk about how we feel about a woman first, we always talk about how hot she is?

So you’re dating, but there are red flags are popping up. She’s not the most stable person in the world.

There are moments when you find her a bit self-centered or narcissistic.

You don’t feel that great. It’s almost like you forget about your intuition because when she starts talking, you’re listening, but your ego is distracted by how hot she is.

But all of a sudden you start waking up. You start seeing her for who she is. The beauty only lasts so long and you start thinking to yourself how am I going to connect with her. How am I going to make this relationship work?

The fights start happening and suddenly you’re seeing her for exactly who she is. You had blinders on. You were like a blind man.

Well, there are many signs that you’re dating the wrong woman.

Once you stop putting her in the fantasy box and once you start seeing her for who she is, you’ll realize that the signs were there from the get-go. You will realize that she is exactly who she was from the start, but you were so caught up in the fantasy of who you thought she was. Or who you wanted her to be.

I’ve been there. Believe me. I have been there. I have been with women who I so wanted to be with, but I was so caught up in their beauty that I became blinded to who they really were.

The biggest lesson is that you can’t do that. You can’t create something. She’s not a fucking live Barbie doll.

She’s not a live Barbie doll. She’s not a Stepford wife. She is who she is. She’s probably a great, wonderful person, but she’s not your great, wonderful person.And the first thing to do is to admit that to yourself.

Today’s video is all about how to help determine if you’re dating the wrong woman.

It’s going to be eye opening, for sure.

It’s probably going to change the way you connect with and date women.

It’s a very powerful video, so watch and learn.

I’ve made the mistakes. Learn from them.