For those of you who think height and even looks makes a difference when you’re meeting women, I’m going to smash the myth right now. A while back, I put up a video of Alex, my coach, wearing a dog mask, going out there, flirting and talking to a woman and getting a phone number.

What a lot of you guys don’t know is that we actually did a few of these videos that day, and today I’m going to show you another one. Now, Alex is about 5’8″ or 5’9″.

Alex is a good-looking guy, but the woman in the video doesn’t even know what he looks like.  He’s wearing is a dog mask when talking to her. What might shock you is that not only does this girl give up her phone number, but I’ll also tell you what happened when he saw her a week later.

I want you to finally realize, that it’s all about your personality. I’ve used this mask exercise at some of my seminars to prove the point. In fact, if you just put a mask over your face and went out, you’d probably have no problem talking to people because you won’t be so self-conscious. The biggest issue guys who come to me have about talking to women is that they’re so damn self-conscious.

So here’s something I want you to try. I want you to watch today’s video. I want you to watch what Alex does, how he speaks, his mannerisms, and everything else. I want you to pass this video along to everybody you know. Then I want you to go out and buy a mask. I want you to go out and flirt with women wearing the mask.

I want you to go out and start talking to women.  I want you to go somewhere where you don’t know anybody, maybe take a road trip with a friend and the two of you can wear dog masks. Or presidential masks. But I want you to start learning and understanding that your true personality is pretty good, and hiding behind the mask will enable you to have courage you’ve never had before.

Whenever I do this exercise at a boot camp with the mask on a guy, he is able to talk to a beautiful woman with no problem because he doesn’t feel exposed.  He’s literally hiding behind a mask.  That’s why so many people hook up on Halloween, is because everybody is hiding behind a mask.

So, are you up for it?  Are you up for the challenge?  Good.

Now check out what Alex does in this video. I want you to do the exact same thing.  I’m all about taking you and pushing your buttons so you get out of your head. When you get out your head you no longer waste time not meeting the women that you want. All of you can do this! Go get it done!