Take a look around when you’re walking around today.

Take a look at cars. What do you notice about them?

The best looking cars always have the best rims.

Walk around and look at Porsche Cayennes, look at BMX X5s, look at Audis. Look at the ones with the little itty-bitty rims.

Then take a look at the ones that have the good rims. The way the car looks, the aggressive stance, the way it sits on the street, the way the exhaust looks.  Everything looks better on a car when it’s got bigger rims.

So is this blog all about you rimming your car? We could go that direction in another weird way. But this has nothing to do with your cars.

Take a look at your feet. And tell me, what do your feet say about you?

What rims are to a car are what shoes are to a man.

Most guys have horrific shoes. But the first thing that women notice about a man is his shoes.

Women are obsessed with shoes.

I was in Nordstrom the other day, and I looked at this woman, I said, “You just scored a couple of pairs of shoes.”

She says, “I could score more. Do you want to buy me some?”

And I said, “Meet me in line in three minutes, and we’ll see what you can pick out.”

I was playing with her. But she was tempted. They’re so cheap in Nordstroms, I would have probably bought her a pair for $10.

But most guys will leave the house with shoes that are not fit for a man. Just like a car that’s got rims that are fit for a Tonka truck.

Take a look at your closet and take a look at your shoes. Any shoes that are square, meaning shoes that look like bricks, get rid of. There’s nothing uglier than a pair of square shoes.

Don’t you want to be noticed?

Here’s the deal: you’re working so hard to become better at communicating with women. Why ruin all that good work with a pair of shoes that look like your grandfather passed them down or you got them at an outlet 13 years ago.

Shoes make the man, so it’s time you became the man who owns the shoes.

That’s all I have to say about that.

. . .

Ladies, let’s hear from you.

What do you think about me and their shoes?