Hey All

Tuesday is upon us and for those of you that are regular readers Tuesday is Guest Blogger day. Today we have out hot sexy friend the Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria back from her honeymoon with Tony Parker.

Ok maybe not that Desperate Housewife but we have our very own version and todays lesson from Suberbia is a lesson all men need to pay close attention to.
Today she is informing all the men how to orally please and woman and make her beg for more.

Here’s todays guest blogger the Sexy Cougar our very own lonely Desperate Housewife.

Thanks David and I am not lonely anymore, I have all them men here on the site to keep me company. And maybe somewhere there will be a Few Good Men willing to meet me in my lonely home in the suburbs.

Hmmm…..Tom Cruise was pretty hot in A Few Good Men. Ok I need to focus and teach these guys how to go down on a woman and beg for more.

Women consider a little labial love a total turn on when a man knows the proper technique. There’s nothing quite as sexy to a woman, as a man who truly loves to please her orally. Here is a sure fire technique that will result in rave results! Just as for the women, you have to have A GREAT ATTITUDE! You love what you are doing to us. It makes you hot to know you are turning us on and when you finally penetrate, you will feel the results of your hard work pay off at that moment. A woman’s vagina tightens up a great deal after an orgasm. I need not elaborate on how satisfying as well as gratifying that it is going to feel for you guys, do I? Didn’t think so!

Start slow; Work your way down gradually, paying attention to all the body parts. You are starving and are making your way down to the main course. The soup dujoir! When you get to the clitoris, touch lightly and tease—Tease gently. Take your tongue and gently start circling around the clitoris. As you do this, it causes stimulation and warmth which causes the clit to enlarge. When you are at that point men, you will know it because your partner will be letting you know with either verbal or physical signs…PLEASE gently greet the clit with your tongue! Increase the pace as well as the pressure gradually and GENTLY. I can’t emphasize the word “GENTLY” enough here. If you are going wild and applying to much pressure, the clit goes numb and that is SOOOO frustrating to a woman who is on the verge of ecstasy!

Moaning and dirty talk from your partner is a sure sign you are doing a fantastic job at peaking her pleasure. If you know where to locate the G-Spot inside of a woman—hint—you don’t have to enter very far to find it. It cuts off all feeling to the clit if your finger is too far in. Just tease that area, rubbing against the G-Spot—in and out—tease…repeat that sequence with your ongoing tongue action.

We appreciate SOOO much how you are making us feel right now!! When it feels over the top intense, we women tend to be inclined to squeeze your head between our thighs. Don’t worry. It is a pleasurable head vice for you, I promise! When you have found that hot spot that is causing her to moan and gasp from mounting pleasure, DO NOT MOVE! Stay right there. MMMM—RIGHT THERE!!! You have brought her to the point where if you stay steady as you go, her orgasm is going to be explosive!! If you move away from that spot you have worked so diligently to arouse, it could upset your whole mission.

Guys, I know you are working hard here and deep in concentration, but try not to forget to let those hands do a little traveling. A woman’s breasts are connected directly to that erogenous zone you are working so hard to please. At first, you want to be gentle on the nipples as well. You can travel your hands. We know your arms get tired. Just don’t forget to return soon 😉 You are not limited as to where you let your hands travel. We love to have our butts squeezed. Our thighs are sooo sensitive when you rub them. That alone causes lubrication and senses of pleasure unexplainable!

As intensity grows, take your thumb and pointer finger and roll the nipple between them. As the woman approaches climax, you need to squeeze them more intensely, within reason. It can just be one. Usually one is more sensitive than the other, so you can explore that out. You are doing everything sooo right! Keep it up just a little longer because you are in the last lap to that long awaited moment we yearn for!

Your there! We are building, building, BUILDING—-and OHHH YEA!!!! Oh baby!! If you can do it like that every time you attempt, you will achieve the erotic results we desire as women.

Think of how good it feels when you explode from that awesome BJ you just got?! Our sensation is equally as stimulating when we cum as yours, I GUARANTEE it! There is no feeling in the world that comes close to an orgasm that has built into peak pleasure! Keep that intensity process in mind for the greatest results. Please don’t try to hurry through this process. Ladies the same goes for you when giving your man oral pleasure. PLEASURE is the key word here. It IS a pleasure to please!! It is such a turn on when you please your partner don’t you agree?! I hope the men take this, study it then apply generously! If your woman does not appreciate it, she needs her head examined for lack of any active brain function! Have fun and don’t forget—say it with me—“I LOVE TO PLEASE MY PARTNER!”