So what really does turn a woman on?

It’s a good question, and it’s something I decided to ask one of my sexy friends. Women all find different things sexy. Some women like tall men. Some women like skinny men. Some women like well-built men. Some women like men that have a few more pounds.

Some women like bald men. Some women like black men. Some women like white men. But what makes a woman expose her secrets is something that EVERY man needs to possess. You see, it’s not about the way a guy looks.  It’s not about the way he talks. It’s something more specific.

Those of you that have explored my program Girls Tell All, will know exactly what I’m talking about.  There’s an undeniable trait that a sexy guy has over all other guys. So today I sat down with my friend, Melanie, and asked her, what makes a man sexy to her.

Melanie has worked with a lot of single people. She’s actually a coach for eHarmony, and she’s had a lot of experience dealing with single men and women.  She has spoken to thousands of them.  So when she tells you what turns her on and what makes a man sexy, you need to listen because she’s also telling you what she’s found out from her years of research.

You’ll be shocked at what you hear.  In fact, a lot of you will feel relieved at what you see and hear in today’s video. The reason is that a lot of us are so much in our heads we don’t realize how simple it is to be sexy.

Sexiness is an attitude.  Sexiness is something you can turn on and turn off quickly.

Before you watch the video I’m going to leave you with an exercise I do at my boot camps: I split the guys into groups. I build up one group and tell them how amazing they are. I tell them how awesome and special they are, how fantastic, handsome and unique they are.  I feed their egos and make them feel good.  Then I have them walk into a supermarket and I have the second group of guys watch.

All heads turn when these men walk in because they feel so good.  They all have their charisma turned on. They know how to own the room. Then we do the reverse.  Beat up a group of guys. Tell them they suck, and then I have the other group watch them, and nobody notices them.  Sexy is an attitude.  Feeling sexy, being sexy, and attracting women is all about attitude.

Today’s video will teach you that and so much more. Check it out.