So you want to know what women really think about dating, and what they want from a man? The only way to find out is to hear it from the horse’s mouth. It’s the only way to know where you’re going wrong.

Tom Brady.

Aaron Rodgers.

Peyton Manning

They all study their opponent’s playbook. In fact, they probably spend more time studying the opposition than they do training themselves. Imagine if you had a complete play-by-play blue print of how a woman’s brain worked. We all know women think differently to men, but imagine knowing exactly what they want.

So I decided to go and interview women. My friend, Obie, and I went out one day and we sat on Venice Beach, armed with a video camera and a mic. We pulled women aside and started getting them to open up about being women, and about what they want from a man in a relationship.

You see if you’re going to understand women, it’s more important to have conversations with women and get the information from them. It’s funny how men go for advice about women to their friends and a lot of men don’t have women friends. Throughout my life, I’ve always had so many women friends and the reason is because I want to understand them.

In fact, when I was growing up, I was always hanging out with my mom’s friends instead of my dad’s friends.  Why?  Because I knew eventually down the road, I would want to be hanging with women, and I wanted to understand them. I spent my teenage years hanging with my mom’s friends.

Every Saturday night, they would come over to my mom’s house, smoke some pot, drink some alcohol and sit in the kitchen chatting. Then I’d find my way down the stairs to get donuts.

I’d eat a donut, and they’d start talking to me. I’d make myself invisible and start to listen to everything they were talking about. It was so enlightening, being able to understand women. So now, from time to time, I’ll take a video camera and do the same thing for you.  I want you to check out today’s video and I want you to pass it on to your buddies who could do with help understanding women.