women at the beach david wygantWhy did men suddenly decide women who have a good time are trashy?

Why do men always presume that women in tight little dresses are tramps or sluts?

Why can’t women dress provocatively without guys immediately thinking they’re going to get laid?

Why do men think this way?

Well, the media tends to portray it a lot. The media loves to show a drunken woman with a tattoo falling all over the place. Reality TV doesn’t help matters either.  Any night you put on reality TV you’ll see one of the Kardashians looking like a slut.

You’ll see Britney Spears wearing itty, bitty things. You’ll see any number of celebrities wearing something tiny.

They’re not sluts. They’re not whores. They’re just women dressing sexy, but some men assume if there’s flesh on show it’s an invitation to the bedroom. 

The reason they assume it is because men can be intimated by the revealing outfits you wear. Recently I did a video on YouTube called “The Itty, Bitty Bikini.”

You should have seen the amount of smut men used when they saw it. I’m actually going to put this video at the end this so you women can watch it yourselves.

What I want you to pay attention to is the comments about the video. Take a look at all the things men say to try to be clever. In reality, all this woman was doing was wearing an itty, bitty bikini and feeling sexy about herself.

It doesn’t mean that she’s a tramp. It doesn’t mean she wants to give somebody head. It doesn’t mean any of those things. It just means that she feels really, really sexy about herself.

I tell women all the time to embrace your sexuality. To wear the things that make you feel sexy. Men are going to have perceptions, but you want to attract the man who has the right perception about you.

Dress for yourself. Dress what makes YOU feel great. The right man can handle your itty, bitty bikini. The wrong man can’t.

Now here’s that video