Eye Contact By David Wygant

Last night I saw the Movie Sex and The City and had so much to say about the dynamics between men and women that i had to create a free podcast today.

So what did i think of Sarah Jessica Parker and the crew?

And how real is the plot in Sex and The City The Movie to real life?

Give this a listen and you will see what really happens between the sexes.

Before the podcast give todays blog a quick read with your eyes….its a subject that would make a great Sex and The City Episode.

Do you report in with nothing to say?

Reporting In By David Wygant

So here you are: you’re spending a weekend with a friend. Let’s say you live in Austria and you’re visiting a friend in Amsterdam, and there are a couple of other guys that you’re going to hang out with too.

Really, the whole weekend is just a fun weekend of doing things that you like to do. It doesn’t really matter what it is – you could be taking a bootcamp, or you could be just hanging out with a friend going shopping watching some games whatever…..

But, you’re dating somebody. And you tell them, “look, I really can’t speak with you much this weekend. You can text me, it’s fine – but don’t call me, because my mobile phone is roaming and it costs a lot of money to talk to you. I’m going to be honest with you – I just kind of want to hang out with some friends this weekend, but you can check in with a text every once in awhile, that’s great.”

How come, in so many instances – and I think men are just as guilty of this as women are – that the needy person starts coming out? You tell them this on a Thursday morning before you leave, and by Thursday night, they’ve already called you twice!

Yet when you told them this on Thursday morning, they told you that they totally understood and that they wouldn’t call! They said they would just text you, and to have a good weekend.

Yet every time they call, they say, “I just really wanted to talk to you, and to hear your voice,” but then they have absolutely nothing to say! And they will say something stupid and crazy like, “have you met anybody else?” or “are you flirting with other people?”

This is what a needy, jealous person does. What happens is that this pushes the opposite sex away. If a woman does this to me – it drives me up the wall! I can’t take it. When I go off to do my thing, I’m doing my thing. I’m hanging with friends, I’m coaching people, I’m friends with a lot of the guys I coach – I’m enjoying myself.

Yes – I’m flirting with women! I’m not going home with other women, but I’m flirting with them. We’re all flirting with women. But I’m also talking to men, I’m also talking to children, I’m also talking to dogs.

And to have to explain yourself to someone is crazy. I’m sitting here with my friend, and he picked up the phone, and said to her, “I really can’t talk right now, I’ll talk to you later on Skype,” and she says okay. Then, he literally hangs up the phone and 30 seconds later, there’s a text! “I miss you – you don’t miss me as much as I miss you.”

That just makes me want to vomit. You should see the expression on his face – it’s just like GET AWAY. If you want to push us away, keep doing that annoying, nit-picking behavior! It doesn’t work.

If you like a guy that is independent, allow him to be independent! Be cool. I wrote a blog awhile back about being cool. You need to be cool with it. We’re not out there cheating. Let me tell you what we did that day in Amsterdam, so if this woman reads the blog, here is what we did all day:

We went to the gym, and got all pumped up. We walked around the city. We had an amazing breakfast-lunch, and then we went shopping around the city. We tried on jeans, and we tried on shirts. I found some great shirts, he found some great shirts. We figured out how to get the VAT back for me in creative fun ways. We looked at some great buildings. We walked we talked we ate we drank.

This is what we did. Did we flirt with women? Yeah, of course we did! We played with some women, we had a good time. Did we sleep with some women? No, that’s not what this is all about. I don’t teach seduction. I don’t teach how to meet a woman in a square in Amsterdam at 12:30 on a Friday, and have sex with her by 1:00 in the afternoon! That’s not what we’re about – that’s not the type of client or the types of friends that I hang out with.

This is an open letter to all women. If you want cool, amazing, confident guys: stop being so damn needy and annoying! If we tell you we’re going to hang out with our buddy, trust us!

I can feel all the women’s hairs just prickling on their necks right now, but the same goes for men: if your girl wants to go out and have some fun with her friends – maybe you can write a standard little text saying, “have a great time.”

Be supportive of her weekend. Don’t start texting with these annoying messages like “I bet you don’t miss me as much as I miss you.” Vomit – we are going to vomit that up. It just doesn’t work.