Recently I was flying back from New York to Los Angeles, and something happened that never happens to me. I nearly missed my flight. For some weird reason I blanked at what terminal American Airlines was when I was taking the train back from the Rent a Car. I had it in my head I needed terminal 7, (wrong!).

I finally realized it was terminal 8, but by then, I was really late. I had to cut the security line, which isn’t an easy thing to do. I also had to cut the line at priority boarding, which also isn’t an easy thing to do. Luckily, I got through the X-Ray machine quickly because the guy working it had one of my programs and recognized my voice!

I got on the plane, relaxed, kicked back, and reclined my seat as far back as I possibly could.  I was sitting in business on the way back.  I started to watch a movie called, “The Age Of Adeline.”

This movie killed me.

It’s about a woman who had some weird thing happen to her one night when she was in freezing waters, and now she’s lived far beyond her natural lifespan. She doesn’t age. It’s well explained in the movie and I don’t want to spoil it, so I won’t say too much.

She can’t fall in love because she doesn’t age.  Of course she meets somebody and falls in love.  It’s a spectacular kind of love.  I love those kind of loves.  I believe that kind of love happens when you’re younger, innocent. I don’t know, more naive.

All the loves I’ve had that felt that deep were when I was younger. Is it because love was so new?  Is that what makes it so spectacular?  It’s funny but whenever I fly I get really emotional.  It rips me to pieces.  I don’t know what it is up there.  Maybe it’s because there’s nothing going on at all except for air, space and raw emotions.

Here’s one thing I always consider when I fly: Love is why we’re here.

Is it possible when we get older, to have that naïve, innocent, deep love again? Or is it we’re so wise at this point in our lives that it’s more of a mellow kind of love? Can we have that spectacular love affair or is it just mellow like a nice, sunny day?

There’s nothing wrong with a beautiful sunny day.  I’m just curious about your experiences.

Have you experienced really deep passionate love in your more mature years, or have you found your most passionate flings happened to you as a younger person? Let’s get talking.