emotional triggersA lot of you suffer from “emotional relationship trigger points.”

So what are these emotional triggers, do you suffer from them, and how do they affect your relationships with men?  

Emotional triggers in a relationship are certain words that trigger and extreme reaction, based on something that happened to you in the past. These emotional triggers can be anything. It can be words, music, or an action.

When you’re exposed to one of these triggers they send you back to a bad time in your life. They instantly change your mood, and affect how you react to the people around you. In a relationship, they can make you lash out at your partner, even though you don’t mean to. If you suffer from these extreme reactions, it should open your eyes, and warn you that you still have to deal with whatever the issues are.

If things that happened years ago are directly affecting your life now, you’re not living in the moment. Part of you is trapped, and you need to fix it before it starts ruining your future.  

Let me give you an example…

Last week I posted a video, which was called, “Oral Sex To Send You To Heaven.”

It was all about how to train your man to give you great oral sex. A day or two later this woman wrote to me. Here’s what she said….


I had to unsubscribe from getting your e-mails.

This is really too much. Honestly, the way you talk reminds me of the honeymoon stage with my ex-husband before he got violent again, and he loved talking about sex.  For the record, I hate oral sex, and now that I’m done with him, I don’t even want to see the words.  Please stop.

So basically, any man who ever talks about sex with this woman is going to freak her out. She’s going to see her ex-husband at the first mention of sex. When she hears about oral sex, she thinks of a man who was abusive or did bad things to her. She’s going to go right back in time. She’s going to punish every man for doing whatever he did to her. She hasn’t healed yet. She’s not realized this was one man who spoke about sex and hurt her. Not all men are the same.

She’s now living her life trying to avoid words, and phrases that remind her of him. She might meet an amazing guy one day, and he might tell her he can’t wait to make love to her. He might tell her how sexy she is, and that he wants to give her amazing oral sex.

The minute this guy opens his mouth, she’s heading back in time. She’ll react to the trigger and she won’t want to see this man again. Men talk about sex. Men tell you how much they want you. It’s wasn’t the sex talk that damaged this woman. It was whatever else came with it. But that was based who he was as a person.

She needs to heal, and realize life is going to move on without her. If she lets this trigger ruin her life she’s never going to be able to enjoy relationships anymore. Do you have any emotional trigger words that send you off a bit tipsy?

Most of us do and it’s all about our past. But that’s where our anger, hurt, and frustration should stay; In the past!

Nobody in your life today, should be able to send you into a depression about something that happened yesterday. The present is where your life should be. Stay here!