Here’s the thing about men.

We’re actually not that complicated.

BUT… there are a few things you need to know about how to talk to men.

  1. Don’t bust his balls. Whatever you do, don’t bust his balls. Maybe you do it without even meaning to, but when you start busting a man’s balls, you start to sound like his mother. Or even his third grade teacher. And he immediately shuts down.
  2. Touch him. One of the most powerful ways for men to feel trust and comfort is through physical touch. He’ll dread the conversation if you open with “babe, we need to talk…” But if you caress his knee, he’ll immediately feel more comfortable and he’ll open up.
  3. Nicknames. Nicknames are intimate. Almost by definition. “Honey,” “baby,” “snookums,” whatever it is, you give him your nickname, your term of endearment, and it makes him feel special just for being with you.

And then the last tip for how to get men to listen when you talk to them today…

You’ll find when you watch the video below!

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