Go For What You Want The First Time
By David Wygant

I recently spent a weekend with a client of mine from Washington DC. We both have a very common situation.

About 14 months ago, I had an Audi A6 that I really loved . . . except that I have a disease. It’s called new car-itis.

So last August I walked into Saab of Santa Monica, and they were nice enough to give me the entire amount I wanted as a payoff on my Audi. My intention at that time was to trade the Audi in for a black 6-speed Saab 95 that they were going to get from the Orange County Saab dealership.

Now, don’t worry . . . this is not a car purchasing blog. So you must read on.

By the time I got to the Orange County dealership, the black Saab I wanted was already sold. There was another one in San Francisco that they were willing to ship down, but then this Saab 93 Sport Combi started glistening at me in the showroom. It said “drive me, touch me, sit in me and experience me!”

She was so seductive that I had to take her for a test drive. On the test drive of that sexy little station wagon I thought about trips to the beach with my dog. I was taken in by her precise feel as my hand was on her steering wheel, and by the way I was able to feel my way on the road.

Intoxicated by all the momentary excitement, I said “Let’s do it. I want to be with this girl for 27 months.” I knew she wasn’t my type. I’m not really a stationwagonny type of guy . . . but she had such a cool name: Saab 93 Sports Combi Aero.

She was also painted a shade of blue that would look really good if it was a sweater. My whole life I have been attracted to silver and black cars. Occasionally I have been attracted to red ones, but usually the silver ones pull me in and make me want to play with their knobs.

Three days into driving this Sports Combi, I woke up and realized that I was just not attracted to her. I didn’t care how sexy her knobs were. As a matter of fact, I no longer even liked sitting in her seats.

For the next 14 months of this 27 month marriage, I kept thinking about how I could break up with her. So when I picked my client up at her hotel, I told her we were going to find some men with whom we could flirt. Now I wasn’t flirting with any men, so don’t get the wrong idea.

I decided to take my client to the Saab dealership. What do you suppose I see when I walked in there? I walked in and saw this sexy black Saab 95 with, ahhh, such cute camel hair (or maybe camel feet). There she was sitting there . . . exactly what I had wanted 14 months ago.

Immediately all sorts of emotion came over me. I looked at the salesman and said “I hate my Sports Combi. I don’t want to tuck her into my garage at night anymore. I want THAT, but I will only divorce the Sports Combi if the payments are where I need them to be.”

Damn it – I was going to get rid of her on my terms. So after a 13 minute and 33 second negotiation, I realized that Saab of Santa Monica was actually offering me a deal I could not refuse. I felt like I was dealing with Tony Soprano . . . on a good day.

So what did I do? I walked away. I wanted to make this black 2008 Saab want me even more. I wasn’t getting into her quite yet.

My client Tia and I then drove away and got a cup of tea. I then realized that I couldn’t stop thinking about her seductive lines and curves. So I drove back to Saab, tossed my car keys at the dealer, and said “Let’s do it!”

I am now driving the car I should have bought a year ago. So how does this relate to dating . . . and to my client? She did the exact same thing I did with the two Saab models, except with a Subaru and a Mercedes.

So how does this relate to dating? At some point in your life you will run out of second chances. For this reason, it is important to abide by this rule: Go for what you want the first time!

Walk over to the people to whom you are most attracted. Do not settle for and date those to whom you’re not not attracted, because you’ll just end up looking at the people you really like and wondering what it would be like to drive them . . . I mean date them.

Think about all the things during your life that you have really wanted but you didn’t pursue or didn’t purchase. Now think of how different your life would be if you trusted your gut and took action!

So go out and buy that car. More importantly, go out and talk to that person who really intrigues you. Stop playing life safe. You don’t get a second chance, and it’s always better to be happy with your decisions than to feel you compromised.

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