text argumentsI’m going to give you some advice today that could save your relationship. If you’re single, print this page and keep it safe, because you’ll want to look back at it when you’re with a man. I’m about to reveal the #1 thing you should NEVER do in a text message.

I have to admit, it’s something extremely hard NOT to do, because not doing it goes against our survival and defense instinct. What is it?

When a man (or woman) confronts you, or annoys by a text message you MUST NOT get into a text argument. Don’t get involved in deep “conversation” via texts, and do not try and deal with any complex relationship issues. Obviously, as a human being if someone attacks you, your natural instinct is to defend yourself. You have to fight the urge to argue!

In fact, just the other day I was texting someone and I sent them a very adult-like text. I mean, if you think about it, texting is a little on the juvenile side isn’t it?

Anyway, I sent a text saying, “If you hear me out, and really listen to me, I’m going to explain the situation to you in person.”

Of course, I got a poor reaction to that. They didn’t acknowledge they were going to listen to me, in fact, they suggested they didn’t want to talk to me at all. What did I do? I didn’t stand my ground.

What I should have done was, reiterated I wanted to talk to them in person. Instead, I took offense at their attitude and I reacted. Why did I react? Because I’m human. When you’re in the “heat of battle,” you want to react as quickly as possible. You feel like you have to get your point across.

But here’s the big problem…

When you get into a text battle, nobody wins. Texts can be misread, you can’t hear the person’s tone, and the conversation can’t flow. The trouble is texting has become such a common way to communicate, text battles are part of our everyday life. The next time you get into a heated conversation with someone via text, step up to the plate and tell them, “Before this goes any further, I strongly suggest we talk on the phone, or even better face to face.”

In relationships, some conversations need to be had and not typed. It’s the only way we can really HEAR what the other person is saying!