How To Create Romantic Traditions With Your Man or Woman
By David Wygant

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, finally the kids stop stirring and the computer mouse was finally quiet . . .

All the presents are under the tree. Now is the time to celebrate Christmas, and to create a moment with your significant other that’s really powerful. Here are a couple of ideas to create really romantic holiday traditions with them.

Get some scented candles. Fill the room where your Christmas tree is with the scented candles. Light all the candles and grab a DVD of “It’s A Wonderful Life.” Have a great bottle of wine while watching a little bit of the movie, and tell each other all the reasons why your life together is so wonderful.

Take this moment alone when no creatures are stirring (not even the computer mouse), and spend this time reflecting on what a wonderful year it’s been and how your love for each other has grown. THAT is the greatest present you can give your significant other this Christmas. Let them unwrap all the beauty and love you have for each other.

Here’s another really great tradition to start. Instead of just collecting Christmas lists for the kids and playing Santa for your children, why not play Santa for your significant other.

Dress up wearing a cute little Santa cap, hand your significant other a red note pad, and have him or her make a list in that note pad of all the things they want Santa to bring them.

Tell them to have fun with this. Instead of getting a tie for Christmas, maybe your man wants a Nerf football. Tell him he can have one adult gift, one childlike gift, and one romantic gift.

Instead of buying her a diamond from Kay’s and singing this song. “Every gift begins with Kays” Ok is anyone else as sick as me as seeing that ugly diamond pendant:)
How about getting her something adult and something that she always desired but never received from Santa when she was a kid.

The romantic gift can be anything from a night of complete pampering . . . to you dressing up and role playing Santa and Mrs. Claus. Either way, this will be a new Christmas tradition wherein every year you are going to be treating each other to the beauty of Christmas.

So start this as something you do together every Christmas. Every year will have a selection of a real gift, a childlike gift (bringing back the real joy of Christmas) and an erotic gift.

Who knows? It’s been a long time since you sat on Santa’s lap. Maybe it will be fun if your man dresses up like Santa, you sit on his lap, and you tell him exactly what this naughty girl wants for Christmas.

Todays video is part 5 of how to seduce her with your words. Watch as Yakub tries to get juicy with a peach.

By the way, what are some of your romantic traditions for the holidays?