Ah, right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, David is going to teach us a ritual on how to pick up women.

Well, you’re partly right, because I am going to show you one of the greatest rituals that I think most people miss out on nowadays in the world of app dating and online dating.

I’m not talking about picking her up. I’m not talking about walking over to an incredible woman, showing your manliness.

Having the guts enough to talk to her.

Asking her out on a date, telling her you’re going to call her. I’m not talking about that ritual. That ritual we’ve spoken about so many times.

By now, you should understand that that is how man and women are wired. Man walks over to a woman, man shows no fear.

Man asks a woman out and takes her on a romantic adventure.

I’m talking about another ritual, the ritual of picking her up physically.

No, I’m not talking about physically launching her over your head.

I’m talking about driving to her house and actually picking her up for the date.

It’s a ritual that I think a lot of people don’t do much more of.

Today we’re all so paranoid and afraid about who’s coming over to our house, so we remain anonymous for as long as possible. You don’t want to let that swipe guy know where you live.

Or that swipe girl.

I love the ritual of picking up a woman.

I like getting into my car and driving over to her house and picking her up.

I like setting the mood in my car with the right music.

I enjoy the drive over to her house, whether it’s going through a windy canyon road.

Or hopping the 405 Freeway or the 10 Freeway.

Or just negotiating city streets.

There’s something fun and freeing about going over to her house, the anticipation.

I love seeing what she’s wearing as she walks out, smelling her perfume for the very, very first time.

Looking into her eyes and checking out her cute little outfit, on how she got herself dressed to look pretty for me that night.

I like opening up the car door for her.

Yes guys, open the car door for women at all times.

I like to put the right music on. I’ve got a great Spotify song list that I’ll play her in the car ride. I like driving with her, being able to hold her hand while I’m driving. Be able to just have that moment, that ritual of picking her up.

Walking into a restaurant or a lounge with her, going to see a museum. It doesn’t matter where you are, just fun walking in with her.

I love driving her home, and I like the drive home.

You notice I skipped the part of trying to get into her home… because I’m gearing it more towards first, second, and third dates here guys. Yeah, I know, the dumb rule that you sleep with a girl after three dates. Am I right, there are no rules.

You sleep with somebody when you want to sleep with somebody, when it feels absolutely right between the two of you, two consulting adults.

I love the ritual of driving her home and walking her to her door, or stealing that first kiss in my car.

It’s like that whole ritual, and I think that’s what’s missing from today’s modern dating world is the ritual of picking her up and dropping her off.

I love the drive home, being able to do the date recap in my mind, thinking about how much fun I had, how awesome the night was. Coming home and having a text or two waiting on the phone, with her thanking me for actually being a man and actually taking her out on a really nice night on the town.

The ritual of picking her up is really what distinguishes romantic men from the boys.

Women crave and desire romance.

So why not give them what they crave and desire, and maybe you’ll learn a little bit about yourself as well, some of the fun that you actually can have, enjoying the ritual of picking her up physically in your automobile.