For those of you who don’t know what cray cray means

It’s called Crazy Town.

Eventually, when you’re dating somebody, they’re going to take you into a personal tour, holding your hand into Crazy Town.

First off, so nobody gets pissed off:

I think women are crazy, I think men are crazy, I think we’re all fucking crazy in our own way.

I also believe we all have our shit and our baggage.

So, when it comes down to dating, you need to meet somebody where literally your crazy can match their crazy, meaning you can put up with their crazy. You can embrace their crazy, you can love their crazy.

And the same thing comes for their shit. Your shit needs to match their shit so the two of you can literally stay in a pile of shit at times.

But what if somebody shows you Crazy Town that you can’t accept and deal with?

Well then, when you see that, it’s time for you to say goodbye.

I’ve been with people that have shown me crazy and I’ll look at it and I’ll think to myself, can I handle this type of craziness?

Is this type of craziness okay with me?

Can I deal with this type of craziness? Can I support this type of craziness?

And if the answer’s yes, then I’m fine. I’m never looking for someone who’s perfect. I know we’re all fucked up. We’re all crazy. We all our have our shit. We’ve all got our triggers. I’m a realist.

But when I see super crazy and I see somebody come out and attack me…

Or over-react to the littlest things…

And get really emotional over nothing…

Doesn’t mean I’m not validating their feelings, I’m looking at the deeper thing.

I once dated somebody where if I said something wrong to them, they would immediately attack me, break up with me via text, tell me they never want to see me again, and tell me to go fuck myself.

They showed it to me over and over again.

So I finally hit my breaking point.

Once again, there’s crazy we put up with and there’s crazy that’s not acceptable. It’s not our job to teach somebody the etiquettes of dating. It’s not our job to get somebody out of Crazy Land.

It’s not our job to be somebody’s therapist or psychologist.

It’s not our job to love somebody for who they are, but if they show you something that is not good for you and knows that it’s going to lead you to a very bad place, Cray Cray Town…

Then I strongly suggest you walk and be honest about why you’re walking.

Be honest with somebody about why it’s not working out anymore. Be honest with somebody about why you feel a certain way.

Because Cray Cray Town is something that can really lead to some very serious issues down the road.

If someone shows you signs of being emotionally unstable, especially if you want children with that person, it’s going to be a warning sign.

So once again, look at the now and look at the repercussions that happen from now.

Try to stay out of Cray Cray Town if you don’t want to be there.