jealous-woman-david-wygantDo you know how many times I’ve dated a woman…

And everything is super cool…

She loves what I do for a living…

She thinks it’s great that I can flirt with any woman…

And then, all of a sudden, our relationship becomes more serious and then everything that attracted her in the first place now turns her off?

She gets jealous, upset if I smile or talk to another woman.

It doesn’t matter that I state my feelings for her every single night.

It doesn’t matter that I wake up next to her in the morning.

It doesn’t matter that it’s her cheeks that I’m kissing.

It doesn’t matter that she’s the woman I’m making love to.

All she’s thinking about is what I’m doing with other women.

And what I’m doing with other women is nothing. I’m communicating; I’m flirting; I’m being a man, a man that she fell for in every way, shape, and form.

As a man, I enjoy flirting. I enjoy talking to women. It doesn’t mean I’m going to go home with them. It doesn’t mean I’m going to do anything. When I’m committed to a woman, I’m committed to her.

I’m not going to cheat, I’m not going to stray, and I’m not going to really think about being with other women.

But allowing me to flirt with other women makes me who I am—don’t ever try to take that away.

And there are a lot of men that are like that. A lot of men are natural flirts. Don’t take it away from him. It’s why you were attracted to him in the first place.

Don’t reprimand him. Don’t get jealous. Because if your man comes home to you every single night, then you are the woman that he wants to be with.

Flirting with other women is just fun. As a man, we love women, and it makes us feel good to laugh and joke with them.

And you want your man to feel good, right?

You want your guy to feel good because when he feels good, he’s going to make you feel good. He’s going to honor you, he’s going to protect you, and he’s going to make you feel safe, secure, and beautiful.

So you want some relationship advice?

Lose the petty jealousy and start being more secure when you’re with guys like this.

Confidence is the best way to keep him into you; jealousy will only turn him off.