Here is a message to all of you who believe in shortcuts.

They do not exist.

Let me explain why, and let me get through to you, finally.

First, let’s look at your life.

How many things have changed for you in an instant?

To go even deeper, how many bad behaviors, lifelong thoughts, have changed for you? When you started doing something different, and it worked, right away?

The answer’s going to be zero.

Anything that changes in your life takes time.

You’ll watch a lesson on something, whatever it might be. A lesson on how to work out. How to trade stocks. How to lose weight. Whatever it is.

You watched that lesson. The lesson will resonate with you. It’ll make sense.

You feel like, I could do this.

The person who’s teaching it makes sense. It works for them. I understand it.

And then what do you do? Then you go out, and you try it, right?

It works a little.

It doesn’t work a little.

And then what happens? Sooner or later, you’re frustrated.

You’ll send an e-mail to me, if it was my program, or you’ll send an e-mail to somebody, and say,

Oh, this doesn’t work.

I tried it, and it doesn’t work for me.

See, what you’re doing wrong — and what you’ve always been doing wrong, and the reason why you’re continuing to fail over and over again —  is because you’re not re-watching the lesson.

You see, when I’m learning something new, I re-watch lessons over and over again. Every time I watch them, I learn something different.

I realize something different.

And then, I go and apply the lessons. It’s still not working fully for me, because, well, I am not fully there yet.

You see, I’ve got some new traits that I’m trying to learn. And, being realistic about that new trait is very important.

I don’t expect things to change in an instant for me.

I know that it takes time to actually make changes.

It takes time to implement the new habit that I’m learning. So, what I do is re-watch the lessons over and over and over and over again.

Each time I watch them, I pick up something different. Then, when I go apply them, I get a little bit better. Tiny, tiny bit better. When you place two fingers together, maybe I get that little bit better every single time.

Why does life have to work this way?

Well, because you have wiring inside your brain that causes you to not pick something up right away.

You have stories that need to be broken down.

You have rejections and failures that have been cemented in your brain.

So, of course it’s going to take time for you to understand and learn something, and that’s completely fine.

You’re going to get better at something through repetition.

So, for all you magic-pill people out there who think you’re going to change something immediately, you’re 100% wrong, and you will continue to fail all the time.

Hopefully, this lesson works, today.

I’d reread it several times, and let’s see if that gets through your thick skull.

Talk to you soon.