I’m in the middle of a Bootcamp in 95 degree weather, so it actually feels like a bootcamp. I should have made the guys wear fatigues and combat boots to give them the full experience.

I think if they dressed like that, though, then women would do all the approaching and it would defeat the purpose of the training! So onward into the late summer heat.

Have a great Saturday, and today let’s talk about something really hot…

Do men like women who like sports? Can men deal with women who can actually do better than them in their fantasy football league? Can a man sit there and be attracted to a woman with whom he debates stats about his beloved Red Sox, or fall in love with a fellow die-hard Jets or Lions fan?

The answer to that is yes, because misery loves company (especially if you’re a Cubs or a Lions fan). It’s nice to be among fellow fans. What men can’t stand, however, are women who pretend to like sports.

If I’m watching a football game, I really don’t want to hear “Wow, this is a really exciting 4th period.” A man hears that and he’ll say, “Really? You’ve had four periods in the span of this game? That’s a quick menstrual cycle.”

Another thing men can’t stand is when a woman watches a sporting event with you and is a cheerleader who shouts things like “Woo hoo! Go team go!”

You almost feel like she’s going to don the outfit and start breaking into the Marcia Brady “F-F-FIL-M-M-MOR–FILMOR HIGH!” cheer.

What’s worse is when you go to a baseball game with a woman and she asks you, “How long is this game going to last? Is it 4 periods like football?” It’s not that we don’t like you taking an interest, but all sports are different.

Basketball has quarters, hockey has periods and football has quarters. Isn’t it funny that hockey has periods since it is the bloodiest sport? So it’s the perfect analogy for hockey.

So if a man invites you to a game, don’t act like a cheerleader. Also, when a runner slides into second base and takes out the shortstop, don’t say “What a great tackle!”

We find your pretending to know everything about sports annoying, but we actually find your ignorance about sports adorable. When you ask your silly questions during a game, it makes us feel really mushy because we know we’re going to teach you to be that true sports fan.