Let’s talk today about the qualities of low integrity human beings.

Because when it comes down to dating and relationships, you need to avoid these low integrity humans as best as possible.

They’re running around out there.

Oh, they may look good on the outside.

They might drive a nice car.

They might live in a nice house.

They might look pretty, in shape.

They might be sweet in the beginning.

And that’s why you need to dig into everybody’s character as quickly as possible.

You see, low integrity humans are running around this planet taking from other people.

Living lives that they don’t deserve off of other people’s money.

They’ll give you stories, like they need a little help to get back on their feet. Oh, they’ve mastered that story very, very well.

They’ll have money in the bank in savings. They’ll never spend their own money. They’ll ask you for help because they don’t want to deplete their own savings while they’re looking for work or trying to figure things out.

Wait a second, low integrity human, isn’t that what savings is all about? Using those savings when times are rough?

Not using humans when times are rough. There’s a lot of these low integrity beings running around. And some of you get sucked into relationships with them.

I truly believe that there should be an app that’s called The Truth About Your Ex…

…where you get a review of people. Oh my god, I can only imagine writing a review on my ex.

To imagine what all of you would do writing a review on her exes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’ve had amazing exes. Most of them have been amazing.

So the review would be very favorable in so many ways.

But it’s almost like buyer beware. Just like on Amazon.com, you can read about a program or a product, get an idea of the person’s customer service. Imagine being able to read about someone’s integrity.

Someone’s true financial story. You believe it whether or not they hustled for that money themselves, or hustled it from other people.

Get to look at their bank statements and see whether or not they’re actually living off of their money, or they’re hustling other people. There’s so many stories that can be had because there’s so many low integrity human beings running around.

They’re all over the place, and they suck you in, and they make promises.

But in turn they do nothing all day long.


They sit down, they stare at their computer, they pretend to look for jobs, they pretend to look to make their life better, and then when you get home they’ll tell what their progress was. They’ll blame the job market and they’ll blame something else. And they’ll tell you that they’re going to get their life in order.

But if you think about it, the low integrity human being has been doing this their entire lives.

They’ve learned to live off of other, they’ve learned to play the role of the victim. They’ve learned all these behaviors. It’s your own fault for getting sucked into it.

That’s why I strongly suggest when you’re dating somebody, look at the way they speak about their ex.

Take a look at their life and how they conducted the last couple years.

Are they working?

Are they participating in society? Or are they coming up with stories about how tough things are?

Listen to what they’re telling you instead of being sucked in by what you think they are.

Because the truth is always unfolded in front of you, but most people don’t see the signs of integrity of a human being unfolding because they want to believe the best.

A client of mine recently called me and said, David, I don’t understand. He always tells me he’s going to get a better job. Been telling me that for three years.

I looked at her literally and I said, there is no better job for him. You’re always going to be paying a lot more for things than he does, because this is who he is. He’ll never leave because you’ve enabled it. You’ve allowed the behavior.

A lot of the time, we’ve created a low integrity human being to act in that manner with us and ingrained them even more. We’ve played into their victimhood, we’ve played into their poor me. We feel bad for them because givers will always do that. There’s a lot of low integrity human beings running around, and there’s a lot of high integrity human beings running around.

I strongly suggest that, in dating you find your high integrity person, and lose the low integrity people.

The loser will always be the loser. Just uncover it quicker, and you can save yourself from the value leeches.