I’ve been quiet for some time about something. My football picks have just . . . disappeared from the radar. So I figures with only a few weeks left in the regular season, I would start picking again before the playoffs hit.

So for this week, here is my list of winners and losers. . .

The Saints will continue on their unbeaten march heading toward the playoffs.

The Packers will put the Bears into hibernation mode.

The Colts will remain unbeaten as they collect a win against the Broncos.

The Bills versus the Chiefs? Who cares! I don’t need to waste time predicting that one.

The Bengals versus the Vikings is a tough one, but I will say the Bengals will prevail.

The Patriots will get their act together and defeat the Panthers.

Even with Mark Sanchez on the sidelines, the Jets can’t be that stupid as to lose to the Buccaneers.

The Dolphins / Jaguars game could be the game of the week. Miami is a lot better than people first thought, and I’m picking Miami to win this one.

Everybody can beat the Lions, so enough said about that game.

The Texans will finally wake up this week and beat the Seahawks, and they will finish the season 8-8.

The Titans will defeat the Rams.

The Raiders seem to be able to beat good teams, and the Redskins seem to be able to beat themselves. So who really cares who wins this one. I don’t.

It’s December, so Tony Romo is thinking about eating ribs and not about playing football. So I pick the Chargers to take that game.

The Eagles versus Giants game is a tough one to call, but I am going to predict that the Giants beat the Eagles today.

The Cardinals will continue their march toward another great season with a win today against the 49ers.

Now that you know what is going to happen in all of today’s NFL games, let’s move on to talk about today’s blog topic . . .

Please follow up with me. It’s amazing. I wrote a blog the other day about how I was recently looking for cars, and about how few people would follow up with me.

Follow up is the key to life. How you follow up is the key to everything in life. It is also the key in dating.

How many of the guys reading this get a phone number from a woman, and then actually sit there and wonder when you should call her? You waste tons of time thinking about the “right” time to call, thinking “Should I wait 72 hours so I don’t look too anxious? Should I wait 24 hours, so I look not too anxious but look interested?”

These questions focus completely on the wrong thing. The reality is that it is not about how long you wait to call someone, it is about what you say (and how you keep the intrigue and attraction going) when you do call.

So many guys spend way too much time thinking and focusing on things like how long to wait to call, instead of spending time understanding how to keep the attraction building. For example, when I was single I would go and meet a woman in the supermarket, ask her based on what was in her cart what she was making for dinner. If she told me she was trying a new recipe, then I’d wish her a great meal and tell her to let me know how it turns out.

I’d tell her, “Give me your number. I want to hear all about it.” I would then call her up, and I would continue the conversation we were having at that moment in the supermarket.

I would stay in that conversation, because I want to bring her back to that moment. I would call up and say something like, “Hey, how was dinner? That sushi looked so good. Was it as good as it looked?”

What you are doing there is showing that you were paying attention to all the details. That is what it’s all about.

It is about paying attention to all the details. People respond to people who remember things about them. That is how you form a connection with someone.

So to all you guys who waste all that time thinking about when to call a woman (instead of what to say to her), it’s time you change you focus and learn how to really connect with women.

That is something I talk about in great detail in my Men’s Mastery Series. I talk about how to remember details about women so you can have powerful connections that can last a long time.