I woke up this morning to another sunny day in Southern California, and I realized that everywhere in the world except Los Angeles you have to play the percentages. On the East Coast, it may rain or be really nice, and you have to embrace both the sunny days and the wet days.

It’s really no different in meeting the opposite sex and in relationships. Life is about playing the percentages.

There is no 100% in anything in life, and yet when it comes to meeting people and dating it seems so many people want some kind of guarantee that things will work out before they ever even open their mouth. I could go on and on about this in the blog, but I’m not going to do it because it’s all in today’s podcast.

Not only do I talk about playing the percentages in your own life in this podcast, but I also share some very personal experiences of mine.

What I share is so personal that when you hear it, you’re going to realize that everything you’re going through (and have been through) are things I’ve experienced and felt.

Enjoy today’s podcast!