Pictures on a Dating Site By David Wygant What does David have to say about Or Yahoo personals? Or any one of the number of online dating sites?

This is an open letter to all of you who are paranoid as hell to post your profile on an online dating site:

Wake up! The number one excuse that people give for not putting themselves on a dating site is that they are so afraid that someone is going to find out.

Let me tell you something: if somebody finds out, then they are on that dating site too!

Let’s say that you are in the office and that hot girl you were attracted to but afraid to talk to walks over to you and says, “hey Jim, I saw your profile on”

What are you going to do in that situation? You’re going to look at her and say, “really? I didn’t know you were on too?”

She’s only going to come over and tell you that she saw your profile if she’s somewhat interested. She’s not going to come over and say, “I saw your profile on, what are you doing on there?” The same thing that you’re doing on there – trying to meet somebody! You don’t need to defend yourself, because she’s on there too!

Everyone is so afraid that somebody is going to see their profile online – but if somebody recognizes you from and approaches you in public, it means that they are attracted to you and want to talk to you! Otherwise, they wouldn’t say anything, they would just run and hide.

I’ve seen people walking around whose profiles on I’ve seen when I’ve been doing profile work for clients. I’ve seen their pictures and their profiles, and I’ll look at them and I’ll hide – because I don’t want to talk to them! I don’t feel like walking over to them and saying, “hey, the other day I was looking at your profile on, and I didn’t know that you liked to run naked through the rain.”

The great thing about posting your profile on online dating sites is that it is now socially accepted. Put your picture online – who cares? It doesn’t matter. You want people to know that you’re single.

It’s so funny that people complain all of the time about being single, but then they try to hide the fact that they are single. They go to a party and someone asks, “so, you’re single?” And they respond, “yeah, I’m single” in a depressed voice, rather than saying, “yeah, I’m single. Do you know any great people to introduce me to?”

People are so afraid to put it out there. Being on the internet is now socially acceptable. Get yourself on a dating site. Yes, I’m sure I’ll get a ton of comments and emails about how there are crazy people online – but there are crazy people everywhere!

I see crazy people online all the time. The other night we were doing an internet product – which I will release soon, it’s fantastic! It’s a two-hour audio with what is right now about a 75-page book accompanying it about how to date online. It’s my first full online dating product besides Girls Tell All: Secrets of Online Dating.

And it was great – it happened at the end of a bootcamp, we recorded the whole session with a bunch of guys, and I just walked them through how to date online.

So during this evening, I was on – yeah I am a New York Jew, whatever! I have my profile up on a couple of dating sites because it’s fun and I learn a lot. I can write things. Most of it is research, but I have gone out on a few internet dates.

So I’m on this site, and a woman IMs me. We’re basically just chatting away, and she’s saying, “yeah, I just don’t really meet anybody online, I don’t know what it is,” while she’s chatting with me. You don’t meet anybody online because you have a bad attitude!

You have to realize that people are on there, and you can shop. It’s so great. It’s like midnight right now, and we can just shop for people online.

Patrick, what are you in the mood for right now? Would you like a brunette?

Patrick: I like blondes, personally.

David: Alright, a blonde. So why don’t we get on right now and go find some blondes. It’s like a convenience store for people, 24 hours a day!

You can even click and see who is online right now and find people. It’s instantaneous and fun.

For those of you who have never tried online dating, you really need to listen to this audio series that I will release soon. In two hours of audio, I’m going to tell you all the ins and outs of online dating, and you’ll have a blast online.

Online dating is like going to 7-11 – for people!

Todays video is all about how to have fun when meeting the opposite sex. Stop chasing and being so uptight when you meet the opposite sex.