Peacocking Is For Birds By David Wygant

Tonight while I was out at a local LA bar, three guys walked in who clearly were in peacocking mode.

Peacocking, for those of you who are unfamiliar with it, is when a male wears outrageous fun clothes that either do or don’t suit his personality. Most men who peacock are men who don’t seem to fit the clothes in which they’re peacocking, and you can spot them the second they walk into a bar.

The concept of peacocking is all about changing your wardrobe to build up your confidence and attract the opposite sex. If you are a guy who clearly is uncomfortable in your new peacock outfit, however, that will show to everybody in the bar.

When I work with someone and craft a new image for them, I craft an image that suits their unique personality. I don’t put someone in a rocker’s outfit with black eyeliner and painted fingernails if this is not who they really are. There are ways to correctly peacock, and ways to incorrectly peacock.

Plus, who really wants a peacock? Even though size does not matter, no one wants to admit that their cock is the size of a pea.

So let’s go back to this group of guys I saw walk into a Santa Monica bar peacocking. They walked in with some of the craziest outfits I’ve ever seen . . . even for Los Angeles.

One guy had on so many man-jewels, that I was amazed that he could even lift his wrist to drive a car. The second guy wore a shirt that was straight out of the ‘puffy shirt’ episode from “Seinfeld.” The third guy had so many streaks in his hair, that I swore as the night progressed that they started to glow.

Once again, I am NOT condemning people for creating a unique fashion style. I am condemning guys who wear stuff like this to get attention, but who have neither the confidence nor the personality to pull it off.

As these three peacocks walked into the bar, all heads turned and people started whispering about them. When the three peacocks noticed this, they ran to the corner and hid in a little dark nest like scared birds will do.

After an hour, one of the little scared peacocks ventured out and tried to flirt with women. I watched him get rejected over and over again.

They all looked like really nice guys, so I walked over and said “Why are you all dressed like you just got off a bad cruise ship during Halloween? Not one of these outfits suits your personality. Do you really think cloning someone else’s style is going to be the way you’re going to succeed with women? “

We proceeded to talk for an hour and a half, and I basically coached every single one of them on how to develop their inner confidence. I also came up with a couple of fashion tips that really suited their individual personalities.

It’s great that you want to change your look and become more confident. Fashion is one of the greatest forms of individual expression.

What you really need before copying some other person’s peacock outfit, though, is to figure out who you are as an individual. When in doubt, go to a mall and try on lots of different clothes that are hip and fun, and find an image that fits your personality.

It’s not what you wear when you walk into a bar, it’s how you carry yourself. It’s all about your body language . . . and not about the peacock clothes on your back.

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