Panty Envy By David Wygant

So I was hanging out with the guys the other day – Yakub and Khiem and I were sitting around and we were talking about this thing where a certain kind of woman wears a certain type of panty. And I was asked, would I date a woman who wore granny panties?

My favorite panty is still the thong (though, being a guy, I cannot understand how it could be comfortable to have a piece of dental floss up my ass all day long) – but I love a woman in a thong – I really do.

I love it when I take her jeans off and I see that thong – I see those two cheeks looking at me – it’s kind of like they’re saying hello! They’re rocking back and forth when she’s walking.

But I’m also an ass-man – I’ve never really cared about boobs in my entire life. Personally, as long as she has a responsive nipple, I’m happy. The size of breast doesn’t matter, as long as they’re firm and nice.

But because I’ve always been an ass-man, I’ve always been a panty expert. I love the thong, but does the thong say anything about the woman who wears it? I don’t think so – so many women wear thongs, I don’t think you can make generalizations like a thong woman is crazier in bed than a woman who wears one of those brief-y things.

Actually those brief things are pretty cute too – it’s not really like the guys’ briefs (those ugly jock briefs that guys wear) but the women’s version is cute because it leaves a lot of cheek hanging out. If men wore those things, our cheeks would also be hanging out. And some men have hairy asses so it really wouldn’t look that good! It reminds me of the movie Notting Hill when that guy was running around England with his ass hanging out and looked absolutely awful in that underwear? But a woman in those types of briefs is really sexy.

I also like those little briefs that are like panty-shorts – when I’m hanging out with them in the house, maybe they’re wearing a t-shirt and this little panty-brief – and it’s hot! You’re seeing a little bit of ass, but not the whole ass.

I think there are times when a thong is great – like when a woman’s wearing a pair of jeans, but this panty-brief is great when you’re just hanging out and you haven’t fooled around yet – when she’s wearing one of your t-shirts or shirts.

So let’s talk about the grandma brief. Now I know that a lot of women have “period underwear” and they usually whip out the granny panties because they don’t want to ruin a nice pair of underwear and I can perfectly understand that. But I’ll tell you this: I don’t care if she’s having her period or not, there is NOTHING uglier than seeing grandma underwear on a woman.

It just reminds me of the time when I was a little kid and walked into my grandmother’s room while she was changing – true story – there she is standing there, breasts hanging down to the ground, and a pair of big grandma underwear sitting there. And these things looked like they were the size of the American flag!

I remember standing there, looking at this, and thinking to myself, I never want to see this again. It was almost like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz – I clicked my heels together and said, “there’s no place like a thong, there’s no place like a thong!”

So basically, thongs and little panty briefs are great, and grandma underwear should be like an urban myth: we know you have it on during your period, but we don’t need to see it.

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