Today we are going to head in a wet direction, no I am not talking about all the recent snow back east.

Or my office view of the beach.

I am talking about the female orgasm.

Have you ever squirted? Are you a woman, and you’ve expressed the nectar of the gods? Or, really, squirted the nectar of the gods? Do you believe that women can actually squirt when they have an orgasm?

A lot of women think that this is a rumor – that it’s basically the guy’s version of going into the northern Washington mountains and searching for Bigfoot. Or, heading for Scotland and looking for the Loch Ness monster.

But it’s true! Women can have ejaculatory orgasms whenever they’d like; they just have to learn exactly how to have them.

Unfortunately, this blog is not about teaching you how to do that – oh no, because women love foreplay and love to be teased, this blog is an open discussion of if you’ve ever had the female ejaculatory orgasm and how it felt.

Describe it. Describe the situation that you were in, describe what happened, and please enlighten all the men of the blog as to how they can make this happen!

I’m tired of teaching today. Today I don’t want to teach. Today I just want to kick back and allow the women to tell the men how to do it.

And for all of you guys that are professional female ejaculatory orgasm provokers, share your stories. Write down exactly what to do, how to do it, and how to make it happen.

Today the blog is all about you. We want to get this blog all wet and steamy, all day long.

So fire away – or as they say in Squirtsville, squirt away!

And if you’d like, this summer I’ll go up to the northern Washington mountains with some of my friends and we’ll take our annual search for Bigfoot quest. I still believe that Bigfoot is around. He was in the Six Million Dollar Man in the 1970s – if all of you remember when he was in the tunnel, and Steve Austin and he had a fight? A few fights actually, and Steve Austin was as strong as Bigfoot at certain times, and other times Bigfoot kicked his ass.

So you never know. Bigfoot might still be up there, and you might still believe in the six million dollar ma. Hell, just the other day we saw Heather Thomas from The Fall Guy! She didn’t look the same – but then again, that show was 20 years ago! But I tell you; she still looks like she can kick any stuntman’s ass!

So let’s talk about the ever-present, squirtatious orgasm today in the blog.