How do you get a man to give you amazing oral sex?

When a man knows how to kiss, and lick, and touch you in exactly the way you need him to, you’ll start to have the most incredible, mind-blowing, back-arching oral sex of your life. But here’s the thing…

Most guys don’t know what they’re doing. Most guys are just making it up as they go along, or copying what they’ve seen in porn. A ton of guys are hooked on watching porn, and as a result they try and copy what they see, thinking that’s what women want. I mean, the women they see in the films seem to be screaming away happily. Sadly, some guys don’t get that it’s fake so they think that’s what they have to do to please you in bed.

The only way they’re going to know any different is by reading my stuff or watching my videos where I put them straight, OR by you showing him what you like. That’s right. Great oral sex is about communication. Talk to him about what you want. Tell him what turns you on. When he’s going down on you, let him know what feels good.

Men are like little boys. When you praise them for doing something well, they want to keep doing it. Let him know what you want. Men aren’t mindreaders. You have to tell him what feels good to you. In today’s video, I give you some simple oral sex tips, and teach you a simple but POWERFUL way, to encourage your man to give you more of the “good stuff.”