First off, I’m going to say one thing, and everybody needs to hear this:

We are all neurotic!

There’s no way to avoid being neurotic.

We’re all neurotic about one thing or the other.

Some of us are more neurotic about our weight.

Some of us are more neurotic about our health.

Some of us are more neurotic about our kids than others.

Some of us are more neurotic about work.

My mother was the ultimate neurotic. She was neurotic about all of that, plus she was a neurotic about Mondays.

Monday was like the worst thing in the world that she could possibly experience.

My mother, on every single Sunday night, used to stress out so bad that she would get so grouchy and so grumpy. Right around 4:00 on a Sunday, she’d go into the pre-Monday neurotic blues.

Her pre-Monday neurotic blues were so powerful that she would start freaking out, get into a neurotic fit, and by 7:00 at night on a Sunday, she was almost impossible to talk to.

She had neurotic Monday blues. She would be neurotic about the week.

She’d be neurotic about what to wear.

She’d be neurotic about getting enough sleep.

My mother was neurotic about everything.

We’re all neurotic.

Me, what am I neurotic about? My health.

Everybody in my family kicked the bucket early, so I’m neurotic about my health.

I might be a little bit of a neurotic hypochondriac, but we all are also neurotic hypochondriacs in some ways, as well, too.

But this blog, this article is all about just plain neurotics.

Neurotic hypochondriac will be another post another day.

So I went into my dermatologist.

And I looked at him, and I said well, we’ve got more stuff.

And I realized, I go to the dermatologist more than any other doctor.

As a matter of fact, I probably go to the dermatologist three to four times a year, to get things cut out and sampled.


It wasn’t that I was ever neurotic about getting anything with my skin.

As a matter of fact, I was anti-neurotic.

It just so happens that my mother, who was neurotic about just about everything, was also neurotic about being the tannest person in the world.

So I also became neurotic about being super tan.

I wanted to be tanner than anybody else imaginable.

So what happened was, by being the tannest person I can possibly become (and being neurotic about that), to no longer wanting to lay in the sun again past the age of 30, I basically have become neurotic in my older years because I don’t want any skin cancers.

So I’m constantly getting moles cut out that look pre-cancerous.

I have irregular cells.

I get them cut out.

So then my skin can hopefully not form any type of neurotic illness that comes up.

Are you following me? Good.

Because again, we’re all neurotic in our own way.

Are we ever going to stop being neurotic?

I’m sure there are ways that we can work on ourselves to be less neurotic.

But we’re all neurotic, one way or the other.

There are some people who have simple neuroses, they can’t leave the house without looking good.

There’s some people that are neurotic about their hair color.

We, once again, are all neurotic as a culture about the things we’re neurotic about.

So sometimes, you just need to embrace your neurotic side, allow yourself to be a happy neurotic.

And then move forward with your life. Because being a happy neurotic is far more satisfying than my mother, who was an unhappy neurotic.