I was helping a client out the other day with his online dating. As I was reading through the women’s profiles, I noticed a lot of the women described themselves as being “down to earth.”

I’m down to earth. What exactly does that mean?

Does that mean that they walk around with dirt on them 24/7? Does that mean that they like to roll around on the ground so that they can be really close to the Earth? Does that mean that they like to cover themselves with sand when they go to the beach so that they can feel the Earth?

Down to earth. I love that term. It seems to be the most abused term on Internet dating sites. Everybody puts it in their profile, especially women.

Do you know what I think when someone says in her profile that she’s “down to earth?” I think, “Glad that you’re down to earth. That sounds like a lot of fun. So when a picks you up, should he bring a shovel and a pail and a hoe, and be ready to do some gardening?”

Is that term supposed to mean that you’re real? I think sometimes we use generic terms to describe ourselves and it leaves things “iffy.” I mean, if every other person online describes themselves as “down to earth,” does that mean that 50% of these people are exactly the same? I think we need clarification for this term — down to earth.

A related term I also saw way too much on women’s profiles was the description, “I am real.” Really? I’m so glad you told me, because I thought you were a zombie or a robot.

I don’t get it when people write, “I’m a real person.” Everyone is a real person. Is that really the way you describe yourself, as a ‘real person?’ Well, great. Now I feel like I REALLY know you.

Another thing people say is, “I’m easy going.” Really? About everything or just about certain things, because no one is easy going about everything. There is always a trigger point on something for everyone.

When it comes to online online, I think people need to stop using all these cliches to describe themselves. It doesn’t tell people anything about you. Plus, when you look at fifty profiles and you describe yourself the exact same way 25 other people do, how are you ever going to stand out?