My wish, my new year’s resolution in 2017, is to meet you.

That’s right. I want to meet you.

I want to personally take you by the hand and help you understand men better.

I want to personally take you by the hand and literally help you find love.

I’m not talking about preview love. I’m not talking about the man that dangles the carrot and gives you a little bit of love.

I’m talking about full-blown, incredible, toe-curling, heart stomping love. The kind of love you just thought didn’t exist any more.

Well, it does. And I’m not only going to help you find it, I’m going to help you attract it.

Big promises, right? I’m all about big promises, and I’m all about delivering on them. So how is this going to happen? How am I physically going to take your hand and lead you down this journey?

Well you’re going to come to Los Angeles. That’s right. You’re going to come and join me and other heart-felt, heart-open, inspired men and women at my Love Blueprint Workshop in February.

I so want to help you that I’m willing to actually help some of your friends as well. Here’s the deal.

The more the merrier at the Love Blueprint. Buy yourself a Love Blueprint ticket, come to Los Angeles, and bring as many friends as you want.

Male. Female.

Canine. Feline.

The more we have, the more personally I can personally touch, the more people I can help, in 2017, bring love into their life.

Check out out here.

If there are any questions at all about the Love Blueprint, let me know. I look forward to seeing you and posse in Le Casa of Love in February in Los Angeles.