The other morning I was on the phone with one of my best friends, Brett.

We got into a great conversation about where we’re at in our life.

It was one of those deep conversations I have on a regular basis with my circle of friends.

You see, my friends are some of the best people you’ll ever meet because we support each other on such deep, intimate levels.

Brett and I started communicating and talking, and I looked at him and I said, “We have a certain amount of years left on this planet. Do you really think it’s possible that we can find a life partner from this point forward?”

He said to me, “Yes,” and here I’m going to share it with you why, and I’m going to tell you why you can have a life partner.

1. It’s never to late to have a life partner.

A life partner doesn’t mean that you’re going to live your entire life with your life partner. It means that you’re going to ride off into the sunset with that person. So, whether you’re 65 years old, or 30 years old, or 20 years old, whenever you find that life partner, whether you find them at 65, or 50, or 45, that’s the person that you were meant to ride off into the sunset with. That’s the section, or the part of your life that if you did all the work on yourself, you were able to know what you wanted and you were able to understand what you want and understand who you are.

You see, when I was 28 or 29 years old, I found somebody that I thought I wanted to be with, so I got married at the age of 30. I had no idea what a life partner meant. I had no idea what commitment meant. I had no idea what marriage really meant. I didn’t even know myself, and that’s the key issue.

I did not know myself at all.

I only knew myself for a very short period of time on this planet.

I wasn’t even working out any of the stuff from childhood yet, any of the patterns, beliefs.

I wasn’t diving deep into myself. I didn’t even have self love yet. I liked myself, I thought I loved myself, but I didn’t understand the concept or the term of just about anything, but yet I was committing to somebody. Of course it didn’t work. I didn’t know myself. She didn’t know herself.

Which leads us to number 2…

2. Until we get to know ourselves, until we know who we are, until we know what we’re about, until we’ve worked through our triggers.

Until we know what our patterns are.

Until we start understanding what we truly desire from love and who we are and we love ourselves fully, we are going to continually have relationships that last very short windows of time. If we do end up getting married during that window of time, we’ll be in a marriage that doesn’t work or doesn’t serve us at all, and we’ll spend maybe 20 years with that person.

Why will we spend a lengthy amount of time? Because we were programmed not to give up. We pick somebody, we need to honor that commitment and we believe in the death do us part.

But remember, “death do us part” was really written when people were dying at the age of 30. Modern people live a lot longer, so it’s okay to take your time to choose the person you want to be with.

Marriage is something that most people spend little time thinking about. They don’t spend much time thinking about who they want in a partner, they make a list of things. It’s almost like trying to find a job.

But finding somebody is actually understanding your blueprint, programming yourself. Understanding all the decisions you’ve made in your life up until this certain point.

When you understand the decisions you’ve made, and you start to grow as a person, you’ll realize that you probably will find a life partner, and it usually happens when you’re a lot older because you’re emotionally ready for it.

You’re emotionally ready for the journey that’s going to happen because you’ve dated, you’ve explored, you’ve learned from all the wonderful people you’ve pulled into your life. All the frustrations, all the angers, all the disappointments.

You’ve worked on your childhood issues. You’ve actually talked to your mom and dad and saw them for the adults that they are right now. You stop blaming them for your childhood.

You look at your life in a whole different light. So, to answer that question above when Brett and I were talking today:

I can have a life partner right now. I know that. For the first time in my life, I really want to build a life with someone because I know that I’ve done all the work. Now, I like the theory before of building a life, and I live the idea of a family before.

But, I wasn’t emotionally ready at all. I still had too much shit to work through and the people that I picked basically showed me that. Now granted, could I have picked somebody else, would there have been someone else that would have allowed me to work through the shit and we would have made it. Maybe, but that’s not how it works.

It works when you’re ready. So, if you’re ready to find a life partner, then I strongly suggest you join me at the Love Blueprint Weekend Workshop in Los Angeles in February. It will be the best dating insurance you’ll ever have, and it will prepare you for a life partnership where we get raw. Raw in a beautiful setting, raw to figure out who we all and what we’re all about.

We figure out our own blueprints, and we literally stand together as a team, and support one another to find that love, that beautiful love.

I want you there. Not only is it a bargain, but I’m also making it a double bargain. You join, you sign up, you bring a friend for free. Join me in Los Angeles. Trust me, it’s what you all need because I’ve been there and I’m living that life. My life partner is right around the corner and I know it.