woman_writing_secret_letter_david_wygantDo you desire love?

Do you desire to wake up next to a man knowing that he’s the one?

Do you want to feel so head over heels in love that you never have to go on another online dating site like match.com or OkStupid?

So how do you meet the one?

What’s the first step in bringing true love to your life?

Would you believe that it’s as easy as writing him a letter?

How do you write your ideal man a letter if you haven’t met him yet?

Well, I believe that you have meet him. He’s in your heart already, he’s in your mind, and he’s already in your soul.

See the biggest mistake most women make is that they’re out there resume dating.

They’re looking for a man that has the perfect resume, the right age range, the right height, the right weight, the right job, and everything else.

Most people don’t date based on feelings.

So write him a letter.

Write him a letter like he already exists.

Write something like this:

Dear future Soulmate,

I’ve been thinking about you today and I really wanted to get a few things off my chest.

I’ve always imagined what it’s going to be like being next to you.

Then describe exactly what it’s going to feel like being next to him.

In that letter, write how much you long for him emotionally and sexually.

Write about how you feel in his arms.

Write about how it feels to make love to him.

Write about how it feels to be next to him in the movies, sitting across from him at a table.

Write about everything you feel about the way you’re going to feel when you’re in the presence of your future soulmate.

In order to attract the right man, you need to be able to visualize who he is, what he’s about, how he makes you feel. Once again, listen to what I’m saying: it’s all about feelings.

Here’s the deal: when you date and meet men, you can go back to that letter and determine whether the man e sitting across from the table is the same guy you imagined.

It’s going to prevent you from wasting time with men who aren’t what you want.

It’s all about feeling, ladies

So get those pens out and start writing that amazing, beautiful letter.