Can players changeIs it possible for “player” to conform and become a great, loving, loyal boyfriend?

Can serial womanizers settle down and become devoted future husbands?

There’s an easy answer to this. Yes. I used to be a player. In my 20’s I loved women. I was addicted to dating. I would chase women non-stop. I have a few nicknames too. One of them was “Spot the Dog.”

Whenever my friends and I were out in the City, they’d always lose track of me. If there was a woman to talk to, I’d be flirting with her. They used to make jokes about keeping me on a leash to make sure they got me to lunch before dinner had started.

I was addicted to the chase. I was addicted to the close. And addicted to the sex. Then one day, I just woke up and realized I wanted something deeper. I needed something more substantial, and I slowly started to change. I became more committed, more open to relationships, and more passionate about finding someone long term.

So players can become good boys, and great boyfriends. Obviously, you want to avoid the players so here’s a great trick to find out if you’re with a player or a good guy…

Take him to a crowded bar or restaurant, and let him have the power seat. That’s the seat facing the crowd. Now you’ve laid the groundwork. If you’re with a man committed to finding love, he’ll have his attention on you the entire night. Yes, he’s a man so he might shoot the occasional glance at a woman passing by, but he’ll probably only do it once or twice the whole night.

A guy who’s still a player will sit there, he’ll start seducing you, but then all of a sudden he’ll start looking around. They’ll be so much stimulation for him he’ll be like a kid in a candy store. He won’t be able to stop himself looking at other women. His eyes will dart around the room, even when he’s talking to you. His conversation will wane at times. He might even use going to the bathroom as an excuse to flirt or make a comment to a woman in another part of the bar you’re in. It’s a clear sign he’s still a player.

I call it my player exposure system, and it’s something I talk about a lot. If you’re with a guy who gives you his full attention all night, there’s a good chance he’s a reformed player. He knows he can get women, but he’s committed to making it work with you. He wants to find someone special and unique, and he hopes it’s you.