We’re not going to do a podcast today.

I want to tell you about my car.

I sold it: a beautiful, silver Audi Q5.

I just bought this car last July for my birthday.

And now I’ve already sold it.

It was one of those impulse sells.

That’s right. There are things called “impulse buys”, but in life, there are also impulse sells. You get an idea in your head, and you just kind of roll with it.

And it’s important to trust those feelings. Roll with your feelings and you’re being true to what you really want.

So let’s roll with this right now, let’s talk about something I think is really important when it comes down to dating: it’s called being true to your word.

A lot of guys are not true to their word. A lot of guys will go out and say they want a relationship, even when they really don’t. They just think they need to say that they want a relationship in order to have sex.

The women they’re dating hear that this guy wants a relationship, so immediately what does she do? She looks at him as relationship material. And they have sex, of course, because that’s what people in a relationship do.

And then he ends up doing what most untrustworthy guys do in that situation: run, punt…whatever they can! They want to be a free agent all over again.

When it comes down to dating, being true to your word will actually get you better results than you’ve ever gotten.

When I was younger, I had to learn this the hard way.

When I was in my 20s and 30s, I used to always tell women all the time that I wanted a relationship, because I figured that’s what they wanted to hear.

By doing that, I was then able to meet multiple women, sleep with them when I wanted, and basically have relationships with the one that I was interested in and dump the others.

The problem with that is you’re not being honest, and you’re severely lacking in integrity. And what happens is you start building up bad karma, and bad energy all over the place.

When you’re true to your word, you actually can get a lot more out of life.

Follow me on this one.

When I started dating true to my word and being 100% authentic, I’d look at a woman and tell her exactly what I was looking for.

“I’m not looking for a relationship right now, I’m looking for a fling. I like you, I’d like to see what you’re all about, and I’d love to have sex with you, but I don’t want to give you that relationship right now because it’s not where I’m at in my life.”

By being honest and by being authentic, you know what happens? You start having better sex and creating better connections.

Not only that, you start getting all the things that you want in other parts of your life. Being 100% authentic and true to your word is not only the way you need to date, but a great recipe for life.

Try it.

Stop being so afraid of what you really want and what you really feel and go after what you really want and what you really feel.

The world is waiting.

. . .

I have two questions:

What do you really want the most right now?

And which car should I get next: a Porsche Cayenne or a BMW X5?