Forget everything else you’ve heard, everything else you’ve ever been told about approaching and attracting women. Because I’m about to reveal the #1 key to you…

It’s having and exuding sexual energy all the time when you approach women.

What does that mean?

Think about how excited you get to eat a delicious meal. Whatever your favorite food is. The best pizza or steak or whatever it is.

You light up. Your stomach is salivating with anticipation, because you know you’re about to devour the best meal on the planet.

That’s your energy, and that’s the energy you HAVE to bring to attracting women.

Think about how delicious she looks. Think about how you’re just going to devour her in the bedroom, all the naughty things you’re going to do with her.

Maybe it’ll actually happen, maybe it won’t. But it definitely won’t unless you bring that kind of energy into approaching girls.

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