Pictures on the Net By David Wygant

Here is an open memo to all of you who do not put up pictures of yourself on internet dating sites.

World news: the internet has been big for dating for the last seven or eight years! You need to get over yourself. You need to put your picture up and you need to put it out there.

You should never hide the fact that you’re dating. You should never worry about if someone at work will see you on The fact is: you’re dating! You should be glad you’re dating.

The person from work who sees you on might have a cute friend, and maybe they didn’t even know you were single in the first place! They might see you on the internet and then come into the office and say to you, “oh my god, I didn’t know you were single! I have the greatest friend for you…” and that friend might be the person you’re supposed to be with.

You need to really be happy with who you are, and you need to post your pictures. There are so many people who like to pretend that they are bigger and hotter than they really are.

There was this actress in LA – not an actress that any of you would know – she was a small bit player on a lot of different TV shows that you would never ever notice. She works as an actress – congratulations for that, it’s wonderful for her and something that a lot of people can’t do.

This actress didn’t have her photo posted because she was an actress. She contacted me, and she swore she was pretty, she promised all this stuff about herself – she had to sell herself to me before she felt safe enough to send me her photos. And then when she finally sent me the pictures, I had no idea who she was.

Put a picture up. Unless you are a famous politician or a FAMOUS actress, or someone who for legal reasons can’t – like your picture is on a milk carton and you’re lost, or you’re on the post office walls – put your picture up on the internet so people can see who you are!

Trust me – other people on that site don’t want their pictures passed around either. Basically, it’s an internet code – nobody is going to sit there with a photo of you and post it all over the place.

So once again, the chances of someone recognizing you from the internet as the masked bandit that held up three banks – or the person who runs whatever business you run – are slim to none.

Everyone who puts their picture up on the internet is vulnerable and they don’t want their pictures passed around either. In all my years of coaching people – all of my years in this business – I’ve never met anyone who said, “you know, I saw Joe up there today and I just posted his internet dating profile all over the place!”

So put your picture up – it will increase your odds in dating. Not only that, but the invisible man or woman that winks at someone – like anyone wants to go and respond to an invisible person!

When the invisible man or woman has winked at you, you’ve read their profile (which most people won’t do, but for some reason or another you’ve taken that chance) and you actually like what they say, I suggest responding like this:

Subject line: Thanks for the wink…

Message: Well, you sound great – but then again, everything sounds great. I don’t flirt with invisible people ? Send a picture, reveal yourself, so I can see who you are ?

Make it fun, make it playful, and try to uncover the invisible person.

Hopefully this blog will help to uncover the invisible people that want to hide behind their fears!!!

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