David Wyant has written a post telling me I shouldn’t approach women?”

That’s right my friend!

You’re not seeing things, and you’re not imagining what you’ve just read. There IS a time you shouldn’t try to talk to or approach women, and that is when you’re drunk or stoned. I’ve just seen a group of drunk guys stumbling along the street high on god knows what, and as they passed me, one of them said, “I can’t wait to see how much pussy I can get tonight!”

Well, first of all if a woman ever hears you talk like that you’re gauranteed never to sleep with her, but clearly these guys were drunk and planning on drinking more. Think about it. Imagine from a woman’s point of view. She’s dressed up really beautifully. She’s made an effort with her hair. Her outfit is stunning. She looks a million dollars. She’s out looking for a fun evening, and maybe even open to meeting a special man.


Make the right impression on this woman, and you could end up becoming her boyfriend. She spots you across the bar. She thinks you’re pretty good looking. You catch her eye and she smiles. You’ve had your sign it’s “safe” to approach. And then you begin. You struggle to put one foot in front of the other as you stumble in her direction.

You fight to adjust your footing to stop yourself falling over. You don’t even realize your trousers are undone, and some of your shirt is poking through your zipper. You look a mess now. Then, this beautiful woman who’s looking for a long term relationship hears you talk for the first time.

“Hey sexy! Want to have some fun?” You slur in her face.

Now she smells your beer breath!

This woman who thought you were a good looking guy, and was going to try to connect with you, now realizes you’re drunk, stinking, and a mess. You’ve blown your chances with her. Her initial attraction to you has gone. In her eyes, you’re just another drunken frat boy on a night out with your boys.

Now before you start moaning, I’m not saying don’t go out and have a drink with friends. I’m not saying you can’t have one or two drinks to settle your nerves IF you really need to. But I’m saying, when you’re drinking heavily, or maybe you’ve been smoking whatever, it’s not a good time to be approaching women.

First impressions last, I can tell you right now, no woman wants to tell all her friends, “Yes, I met the love of my life while he was spewing up beer in a bar. He swallowed some mints, stumbled over, and it was love at first sight.”

It doesn’t happen that way, and it never will. Women don’t want to meet their next boyfriend while they’re completely drunk or stoned. In this video, I look at how you should handle women when you’ve had a drink, and reveal what women really want when they first meet a guy.

Check it out below…