Networking for a Date By David Wygant

How many times do you see a woman that you’re attracted to – you look at her and she’s beautiful, she’s sexy, she’s hot, she’s everything that you want – and then you look down at her hand and you see that she’s married.

So what do you do? You don’t talk to her, right? You don’t go over there, you don’t even bother talking to her, you don’t even bother being friendly to her – you actually act like she doesn’t even exist, right?

So what do you do in that situation? You do the exact opposite of what every other guy has ever done. What every other guy has done in that situation is wrong: they ignore her.

What I will do is go over there and I’ll flirt with her – I’ll be friendly and get to know her, we’ll have a casual conversation – and why? Because what will happen next is magic. If you make a good impression on her, she is the lifeline to all of her single friends.

So three weeks later, you’re at a supermarket, a coffee shop, or a bar, and you run into this woman again, having a girls night out – what do you do? You walk directly over to her and she’ll remember you as this cool guy she met a couple of weeks ago that got to know her as a person, that didn’t try to hit on her, that respects the fact that she’s married or engaged, and then what does she do?

She’ll talk you up: “hey, this is the guy I met a few weeks ago in the supermarket – remember I told you about him? He was really funny – he was the guy who fought me for the last pint of chocolate ice cream.” Her friends will respond, “oh yeah, we remember him, how are you doing?” She’ll probably ask you to sit down and meet her friends.

Now, you’re being sold to all of the girlfriends, because you are going in as somebody that has already been approved by the leader of that group. A woman will always try to hook you up with her friends if she thinks you’re cool, because she wants her friend to meet a good guy and according to her friends so many guys out there are jerks!

If she found the good one, then she’s going to be passing you off to all of her girlfriends. That is the mistake most guys make: not spending enough time talking to ALL the women. You have to talk to ALL the women because this is what builds up your social circle.

It’s called networking for dates. Most men make the big mistake of trying to make every single moment work for them now.

The thing is that if you really want meet somebody, you have to go and meet many people because the some of the dividends will pay off in the future – just like the stock market. If you go and invest in the stock market today, of course you want the stock price to rise. But if the price doesn’t rise for 60 – 90 days, all of a sudden 3 months later you get a big windfall.

Look at this as the same type of windfall – this time it’s an emotional windfall that will give you the opportunity to meet more women. And, even better – just like getting a credit card offer in the mail, you’re already pre-approved!

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Enjoy and Happy April Fools.