I want to follow up on yesterday’s post, because I really do believe that your individuality is the most beautiful thing in life.

I’m going to start by stating something that I think is an absolutely beautiful way to think of life. In fact, it’s really the only true way to live your life:

Of the billions and billions of people on this planet, there’s only one of you.

There’s only one person who thinks the exact way you think.

There’s only one person who looks the exact way you look.

There’s only one person who processes things exactly like you.

There’s only one person who works out the way you do, who chants the way you do, who ohms the way you do, who breathes the way you do.

You are unique. You’re beautiful. And you need to embrace that every day.

So many people will tell me, “I just wish I was like my brother.”

“I so wish I was like my friend.”

“I so wish I was like my cousin.”

“I wish my lifestyle was like my good friend Jim’s or my great friend Sally.”

“I wish I had my stuff together like so and so.”

Let me tell you something, you absolutely beautiful amazing being that you are: you are unique, and it’s time you embraced it.

Your strengths, your assets, your neurosis, your fears, your insecurities… are all uniquely you.

The things that you thrive doing and you’re confident in – those are all uniquely you, as well.

Until you accept this, you will not grow as a human being.

Until you accept how beautiful and unique you truly are, nothing in life will ever work out the way it’s supposed to work out.

This is true even when it comes to your health.

Maybe some of you have high cholesterol, or you’re fighting blood-sugar issues, or you’ve got a blown disk in your lower back, or your stomach is not as strong as other people.

That’s okay, because it’s all uniquely you.

We’ve all heard how important self-love truly is. It’s thrown all over the Internet like snow coming down in December.

But how many of you truly and really practice self-love every single day?

How many times each day do you actually embrace the unique, amazing, beautiful you?

It’s funny how much this impacts our daily lives. A friend of mine was just looking for a car, and he loved this red car.

Yet, he said to me “I don’t think I can do it.” And I asked why not.

He said, “Because I’m afraid that women won’t want to date me because of the red car. I’ve learned that women don’t like red cars.”

And I looked at him, and I said, “How do you feel in that red car? Do you feel unique in that red car? Do you feel sexy in that red car? Do you own that red car when you get into it? Do you feel like it just fits you in so many ways, uniquely you?”

That’s what life is all about.

You’re creating the most unique, amazing version of yourself.

So why would you spend any time fearing that?

Every single day, I take a look at my life, and I take a look at the journey that I’ve been on and all the time I’ve spent on planet earth, and I think to myself: of all the billions of people in this world, I’m uniquely me.

And I just want to meet somebody who loves the uniqueness in me. I call it my unique-mate, a new term we’re going to use instead of soul mate.

Because that’s really what we’re looking for. We’re looking for our unique-mates because each of us is unique and beautiful.
Think about that as you process the beautiful thing called you.