I love elevators.

And not in a weird way—I just like the social aspect of elevators.

Usually, when people enter an elevator, the conversation stops.

It’s like everyone thinks:

“Oh, I’m in a crowded box with total strangers, I need to shut up, not say a word, and be silent.”

But I just find it fun, and entertaining to engage people in that environment.

Last weekend, after dinner with my buddy Greg, we get into the elevator going down into the parking garage. A couple young ladies enter and the doors close.

I straighten up and turn to them, speaking affirmatively:

“Okay, levels please.”

They turn to each other and giggle.

“Um, P2.”

“Alright, going down.”

The elevator starts heading down.

“Are you the elevator operator?” the cute one asked.

“Yes, that’s me, elevator operator.”

We arrive to P2 and the doors automatically open, but I pretend to press a button and open it for them.

“Okay, thanks for riding.”

And that’s when I noticed their hesitation to leave. They giggled and lingered a bit, which happens 1,000 times.

And it’s really funny, this isn’t about those two women, this is all about what most men just fail to realize on a daily basis: women want attention.

That’s what they want.  They like to be paid attention to, they like to be listened to, they like to be entertained, they like a guy that’s in the moment, a guy that’s just being himself, having fun, and being goofy.

Women want a man that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Like the two women in the elevator who were eating it up.

So Greg and I told them that we were bodyguards and we walked them to their car.

When we got there, it was a typical woman’s car: full of birdshit, dents on the front and back bumper, and paint swirls.

“Hey ma’am, you’ve got to get this car detailed.”

“Oh yea? Are you a detailer?”

“As a matter of fact, I am.”

So now I’ve been a detailer, a bodyguard, and an elevator operator.

Here’s the deal: I was just having fun, and that’s all I was doing.  I was having a good time and I wasn’t thinking about what to say, I was just saying whatever I felt.  There are no right or wrong words to say, it’s just about being you and having a really good time.

And if you pay attention—because women love to be paid attention to—and you have a good time and make it fun, guess what they’re going to do?  They’re going to want more of you, they’re going to call you and text you, and think about you when you’re away.

So if I could give you one parting bit of advice:

Pay attention to them and you will captivate them.  –– Click to Tweet